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Raw feeding - cost?

July 3rd, 2009, 11:57 AM
I hope this doesn't qualify as spamming.

Anyways... I posted a thread in the raw food subforum, and it seems to be quite a slow place. I thought I'd kind of promote it at the most active forum.
Welp, I'm out of kibble, and am thinking of switching to raw feeding. Budget is a bit of a constraint, however. I feed Orijen at the moment, about $80 for a 30 lbs. bag that lasts 6 weeks.

So, can anyone come up with a ballpark figure of a monthly cost for feeding meat/organs/bones for a Golden Retriever in Toronto? My dog's 27.8 kilograms (61.3 pounds), and according to this calculator (, I need to feed him 834 grams (1.84 pounds) per day total. Also, any insight on game meats? Can anyone recommend any cheap butcher/processor/farmer/etc. as well? I don't have a car, so my options are kind of limited. Maybe Torontonians should have some sort of group buy? Discuss!

Thanks in advance.

July 3rd, 2009, 06:34 PM
I buy mine in Bowmanville from Picked up 10 pounds of pork neck, 10 pounds offal, 20 pounds of turkey necks and 10 pounds of ground pork last week for 73 dollars.

Depends upon what you choose to feed as to what the cost is. Lamb and venison are usually more expensive. Pork and turkey cheaper. I have american friends who find chicken for super cheap, I rarely do.