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Pike County Humane Society

June 30th, 2009, 11:32 AM,0,2718203.story

An animal shelter is closed due to an illness affecting the animals.

The Pike County Humane Society in Shohola is closed because some of the animals have come down with kennel cough, a common and treatable respiratory infection in pets. Directors said the illness is only part of a much bigger problem.

"Many of the animals we receive have no vaccinations, many are not spayed and neutered," said Barry Heim of the Pike County Humane Society.

He added people can't afford to get their pets vaccinated which has caused kennel cough to flourish in many shelters.

To make matters worse, as the number of animals surrendered to the Pike County Humane Society continues to rise, donations are at an all time low.

"Donations over the past year are off approximately 50 percent," said Heim.

Right now the shelter has around $21,000 in the bank but directors said it costs the humane society $22,000 a month to run and that's not even including medicine for the animals and special rescues.

A perfect example would be some pit bull puppies that were rescued about a week ago. Their vet bill is thousands of dollars.

Kristy O'Brien is one of the shelter helpers. She said the humane society needs the public's help now more than ever.

"Help any way you can. Adopt an animal. Financial help," O'Brien said.

Heim expects the shelter to reopen in the next few weeks and all the pets to be fully recovered but he is not sure if the shelter's finances will recover as well.

July 2nd, 2009, 10:02 AM
That is so sad, many shelters are having the same problems with this recession. :sad: