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Need some Opinions PLEASE!!!!!( this turned out long, sorry!)

June 29th, 2009, 08:01 PM
Ok so there is another web site, discussion thingy that I belong to that is for my city.. There have been a couple really heated discussions lately. Can I please get your opinions, Yours mean more to me then theirs on these topics..

So one was 'confused about the humane society' They said their friend had to leave town suddenly, and so wanted to drop off the dog, they were told the HS was full and the dog would be put to sleep, they were confused because it is a NO KILL shelter. The humane society ( just a shelter, not like your HS's..) is at double capacity right now, so they turn dogs away everyday, but they would not ever PTS an animal. So I think they must have been talking to the pound. The thread turned into, who would do that? Have to leave so fast that you leave your dog to be killed.. That is sick! I posted my feelings on that, and was ripped a new one!

Then the other someone else started was too busy to have pets. That there are ads on there all the time about people giving away or selling a dog because they don't have time, or some other BAD reason.

I said this; IF you cannot provide for a dog, don't get one. If you know you are renting and cant keep a pet, dont get one. If you cannot meet their needs dont get one. It is not right to get a pet and then have to get rid of it for these reasons that were known previous to getting a dog, like the great dane puppy grew too big. I understand sometimes pets have to be rehomed for circumstances beyond anyones control, please try and find a good loving home. It is not fair for dogs to suffer because of a choice on the humans part. ect.. ( probably the norm opinion on here)

and WOW I was told I should not judge, I have no right to say what is a good reason or not. When I said about looking at a dog that is about to die someone said I should think about the situation the person was in when they gave up the dog. I said I dont give a thought to the person, I focus on the dog that is having its last moments because of a person. Then I was told that it the saddest thing they have ever read, because I missed an opportunity to help a fellow human. I said I am helping animals there are all kinds of agencies that have people that are passionate about helping people and they can go ask for help, the dogs cannot so I will help them. I dont understand her thinking, I guess to her it is wrong to help animals when you can help people..

I am so sorry I know most of that probably did not make sense but I need to vent as I cannot believe the things people said to me because I am passionate about animals, thanks for the vent. I dont get what I did wrong. This SUCKS!!

L4H you know what I mean, this was the worst one EVER, I really missed you as we have a new enemy now, worse than the last one. I am upset actually and I should not let these people get to me, but they were really mean.

This thread makes no sense, I am sorry, but I needed to try and get it out to people that actually give a flying crap about animals.
Do you think it is ok to have your animal killed because you have to leave town no matter how serious the situation?

Do you think people that have to get rid of a pet because of a stupid reason ( they say I am not allowed to judge what a good or bad reason is) should have ever got a pet? like, landlord found out, large breed grew too big, 4 month old pup for sale cuz we don't have the time.??

If someone has an animal killed because of their situation ( I dont care how bad the situation) do you think they should ever be able to get another one? I think that if someone could do that they are not the kind of people that should own a pet, period.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

June 29th, 2009, 08:14 PM
I'm totally with you on this and definately think it was wrong of this person to react to you the way they did.

On the flip side I do work in social services and I have some clients who have animals that can only afford crappy food for them, and don't always get their pets fixed, etc. It turns my stomach when I work with one of these clients because my heart does tend to go out to the dog first. BUT, a big part of me can also see how much love some of my clients have for their animals. I'm thinking in particular of a woman who has a severe anxiety disorder and has been sober four years since recovering from alcoholism. Her dog is one of the only reasons she is able to leave her apartment and she loves that dog more than anything. I suppose that's different than having your dog pts for an ignorant reason I'm rambling!

Anyway, I ultimately agree with you on this one. People need to do research and make informed decisions when getting a pet, so that "unexpected" situations don't arise later.

June 29th, 2009, 08:17 PM
As a general rule, I agree with you 100% and try to avoid posting (or even reading) animal threads on non-pet forums.

However - there are exceptions to the rules.

For example - many years ago I worked for a tiny shelter in a very small town in Idaho. While I was there, a very large male Akita came in as a stray. Everyone who worked at the shelter (except me - I was the new girl) knew this dog as he had been in several times for various reasons. He had been shot at, chained up with a logging chain and ripped apart a labrador retriever. There was a very serious discussion about euthanizing him out of fear that one more bad owner just might send him over the edge and make him one very dangerous dog.

I adopted him. He was fabulous with my dogs and adored any and all cats that he met. He moved across the country with me, saw me through a divorce and was my world. And he died in my arms when old age got the best of him.

But the deal was - when I adopted him - that if ANYTHING happened and I couldn't take care of him he was to be euthanized. And I would have done it. Everyone in my family knew that if anything happened to me - he was to be sent to the Bridge.

There are dogs who are exceptions to the rules. Dogs that we see every day if we are in any way involved in rescue. Those dogs who have issues that could be very serious if they fell into the hands of someone who was either inexperienced or unwilling to take the steps to deal with issues such as - fear aggression, resource guarding and other things that could be major issues.

June 29th, 2009, 08:26 PM
LuvMyLab - Do you think maybe the person who got so upset has perhaps been affected by the recession. I know there are hundreds, if not more, families who never ever thought they would give up a pet and have had to due to job loss and the scarcity of dog food in food banks.

Unfortunately in these times there are people who have had to surrender dogs not for the reasons we as animal lovers would normally find stupid and unacceptable, but because they have lost a job they have held for 20 years and never imagined they would be unemployed and not able to provide for their families.

A nerve might have been hit for the person who attacked you. :shrug: It still isn't right, but a possible reason things got so heated.

June 29th, 2009, 08:48 PM
yes I do understand
and that is why I was specific in saying situations like getting a dog when you are not allowed one in your rental then giving it up. you should not have got a dog. To me that sounds simple, and not judgemental or harsh.

I do know there are good reasons, and I said sometimes an animal has to be rehomed, usually for the better and that is a good thing.

It is when the dogs needs are put last, and it is selfish reasons that make me angry, when I know the reason is selfish.

When I said about a dog being PTS, I said I don't judge, I don't even think about the people, nothing bad, nothing good, I give the dog my everything at that time.

When someone has to get rid of their dog, and they dont contact rescue, ask friends, place an ad, or anything, just drop it off at the pound and when told it will be PTS walk away without a thought, I don't think they should get animals again. I am not judging I am stating that I don't think that a person that can do that with NO effort on their part is someone that should not have an animal.

I am not making rules I am stating my opinion and that is all. Too many animals suffer and it breaks my heart.

I am so happy that there are people here that think like I do. That it is not a crime to treat pets like family
I am not saying that an animal should be more important, just different. I am not saying an animal should come before your family, just that if you take it on, you owe it your best and that is all.

when someone gets a great dane and then gives it up because it is too big, that I think is not a good reason, they should not have bought said great dane. When someone has to get rid of a dog because the landlord found out they should not have got said dog, when someone gets a dog and then 2 weeks later wants it gone because it chewed some shoes, that is not a good reason, they should not have got a dog.

Those are the reasons I am talking about. The people that really should not have got a dog. I am not judging I am just saying there are some people that should not have got a dog in the first place.

I know there are good reasons, I agree with most of them, I am talking specifically about the times when things were known in advance, and when something does happen the dog deserves you to try at least TRY to find it a home before you ask for it to be killed.

June 29th, 2009, 08:57 PM
I agree that loss of jobs CAN cause for people to be give their animals away. I personally have felt the effects of it. I have taken to rescuing chihuahuas. Yes people think i am crazy to take on these dogs many who have never been socialized properly trained and abused. I do have small children which is also why they think i am crazy. To get to my point. My husband worked at the steal plant and was laid off in january. We had kids to feed, bills to pay and mort. to pay, buy food for all of our animals. What he made in 2 weeks working is what he got for the entire month from ei, I work to, but his income was the main source of income. With a bag of dog food being 50$ a month, and the cat food, and the litter and don't forget the fish tanks... We disco'ed the cable, the internet all extra stuff, gym memberships went down to one vehicle, it was hell but we managed. he got called back a few months later, but i can understand why people would think that giving their dogs dogs and cats away is the only option. We didn't get rid of our animals but i think the stress of having to rebudget would make people feel like their only option would be to give them away. I hate when i read in our local classifieds people constantly getting animals and then giving them away. I just feel so bad for the animals and it it were up to me and physically possible i would adopt any animal that needed a home and give them all the love and attention they could ever use.

June 29th, 2009, 08:59 PM
Sounds like the people on the board got too emotional and weren't thinking clearly.

Either A) They were too emotional to understand the difference you meant between stupid reasons and understandable, unavoidable ones, or;

B) They don't think the stupid reasons are stupid like most of us do, in which case they are absolute dumb@$$es and not worth your time or effort!


June 30th, 2009, 07:47 AM
Sounds like the people on the board got too emotional and weren't thinking clearly.

Either A) They were too emotional to understand the difference you meant between stupid reasons and understandable, unavoidable ones, or;

B) They don't think the stupid reasons are stupid like most of us do, in which case they are absolute dumb@$$es and not worth your time or effort!


Thank you, yes I agree, I believe any sane person that gives a crap should be able to get what a stupid reason is... Not that I am trying to judge, but at some point something has to happen so this stops.. I DO understand the good reasons, there are good reasons, but there are stupid people that should never own pets...

June 30th, 2009, 10:36 AM
Yes, Luvmylabs, I know EXACTLY, what you are talking about. I haven't logged on there for a long time. If you need back up, just PM me.

Some of those members just argue for the sake of arguing, if you say the sky is blue they will disagree and say it is purple.

June 30th, 2009, 10:38 AM
L4H you know what I mean, this was the worst one EVER, I really missed you as we have a new enemy now, worse than the last one. I am upset actually and I should not let these people get to me, but they were really mean.

Worse than :loser: Rottingkidneys :loser:???????? Now I have to go see.

June 30th, 2009, 03:42 PM
THANK YOU for the back up!! Do not know what I would do without you. People that think like that about animals do not deserve my respect, imo!