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Neighborhood dog bit the tail off of another dog

June 29th, 2009, 12:52 PM
Ok, need some opinions/options/guidance, especially from Montreal area members.

There is a family that lives a block over that adopted a dog, a cocker/dalmation X around the same time we adopted Ginger. The first time we met this dog he snapped at Ginger's face :sad: It has been clear for years that that man has no idea how to raise/train a dog. The dog is constantly out alone in back yard barking through the fence when we walk by.

So last year this "genius" gets his "troubled" teenaged son his own puppy, a white and beige pitty. From the get go it has been clear that this boy is as clueless as his dad as far as raising/tranining a dog goes. On the few short leash walks he gets he is ALWAYS pulling ahead and ends up on his hind legs when someone passes. The son has no control and now the dog is no longer a puppy...he is full grown :eek:

There is park across the street and I have suspected for some time that, out of laziness, the son lets the dog run loose (which is illegal in our town). There are swings etc that kids play on in this park too.

Last night while walking our dogs we ran into another neighbor who showed us that his beautiful sheltie no longer has a tail :eek: It seems that he walked his dog through the park unbeknownst to him that the teenager was there with his off leash dog. The dog charged the sheltie and got a hold of his tail and would not let go for anyone!!!!!! This man is NOT going to report this incident.

I can't help but feel it has to be reported, not to be mean but because there are as many kids as dogs in this neighborhood and this is without a doubt going to happen again. Can I report it even though I have only heard about it? In Montreal, who do I report it to?

These people have no business having dogs at all...they are neglected and dangerous...both of them!!!!

Sorry so long but what do you all think? I have not been able to get it off my mind all night :mad:

June 29th, 2009, 01:06 PM
I feel for you. It's a crappy situation to be in.
Instead of reporting that particular situation can you report a dog at large? Or possibly something you have seen yourself with the two dogs? :shrug: