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AGAIN!!! More seized animals... help needed

June 25th, 2009, 09:19 AM

Nova Scotia SPCA officers seized 89 animals ó 64 cats and 25 dogs ó from two homes in Port Felix on Wednesday in a case that the agency believes is "animal hoarding."

That is where "people collect animals and they donít have the money to spay and neuter the animals, so they breed out of control and the numbers get absolutely overwhelming for them," said SPCA president Sean Kelly.

Mr. Kelly said officers executed a search warrant at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday on the two Guysborough County houses following an investigation that was based on a complaint.

The two houses are owned by Christine DeYoung and an adult daughter. Itís too early in the probe to determine whether anyone from the family will be charged, Mr. Kelly said.

Some of the animals appeared to be worse for wear, he said in an interview. The animals were still being examined late Wednesday by vets at the SPCAís facility in Burnside.

"The cats are in fairly rough shape. They look like thereís quite a few genetic abnormalities," Mr. Kelly said. "As of now, the dogs are very unsocialized and some do have medical issues."

On CBC-TV, officers equipped with breathing masks were shown carrying animals out of the house. Mr. Kelly said the ammonia levels inside were extremely high.

"Anytime that you have a high number (of animals) you get ammonia through the urine and feces of the animals," he said.

But Ms. DeYoung said the place would have smelled fine if the SPCA had held off until after lunch.

"The boxes were cleaned in the morning, at dinner time, suppertime and at night time."

The officers caught the two women by surprise, she said.

"I was all worked up. I didnít know what to do."

She was left with three dogs. All her cats are gone.

"Iíve got mice," she said.

Most of the cats were kept in a house about a 10 to 15 minute walk down the road. The building was not fit for people to live in, but it was fine for the cats, Ms. DeYoung said.

"I always had animals all my life," she said. "I always took care of the animals and made sure they were well fed."

Mr. Kelly said the SPCA will make every attempt to save the animals that were seized.



The animals in this seizure now have the opportunity for good happy lives. Until they are adopted they will need the communities support. Please if you can send a few dollars the SPCAs way. The last seizure cost over $100,000. The SPCA is funded through public donation. Also, now would be the time to consider fostering if you havent thought of it before. It is a very rewarding experience and so helpful to animals in need. Even better if you are in a position to adopt!! Thanks always to everyone who supports the animals.