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Newbie here with questions pertaining to new young puppy

June 15th, 2009, 12:19 AM
( I posted this also in the introduction and realized that maybe I should have posted my questions here - sorry)

I am so glad I stumbled upon this site. Let me introduce myself. My husband and I have two kiddos (ages 14 and 9) and a kitty named Princess who has been with us for 3 years (rescued in front of a store where she was dropped off at maybe 5 or 6 weeks of age). She is an amazing kitty who has mastered many tricks such as ; sit, come, stay, high five...etc. My 14 year old daughter has spent countless hours training her. We lost our long hair chuahahua about a year in a half ago due to a bone disease. He was only 7 years old. We have discussed for some time now about adopting a new dog. We brought in an adult dog and Princess had a cow (and almost ripped the dog up). Soooo we tried a puppy (a neighbor's) and she seemed better- leery but tolerated the puppy's presence.

This last week we adopted an AKC yellow Lab pup (from what we *thought* was a reputable breeder*). Come to find out she was only 6 weeks old- not "almost 8" and some other things that were said to us do not match up. This feels like very much our fault because we didnt ask more questions. I read the post about finding reputable breeders and wish I saw that first. Now we are faced with the task of what she lost during those crucial last weeks with litter mates and mom. And she deserves only the very best

We have slowly introduced Princess with pup (now named Lexi Adeline) and its going better than I thought (though kitty still really doesnt want pup too close). However in the last week we have been dealing with growling (when my daughter pet Lexi when eating, when I lifted her up from a sleeping position to put her in crate etc. I have begun to feed her from my hands and the kids hands to try to let her know that she is safe but its not really working. The good news is she has mastered sitting close to us while we eat and not jumping on us anymore. She patiently waits "her turn" to eat. Any advise on the growling though? Potty training is going so-so. She has not had a poop accident in the house but many piddles. She goes outside to pee and poo and within minutes returning inside finds a spot to pee also. She seems smart being only 7 weeks old she already figured out the command "sit". I know that being as young as she is she will pee here and there in the house but why , right after she "goes" outside is she needed to pee inside? Are we missing something? We have not left her home alone at this time at all. After we found out her true age we decided to give up the next few weeks and spend one on one time with her to help her adjust and learn her place in the house. Any advise on how to get her to come to our voice? Also, she plays with the other puppy that is our neighbors, and they get pretty aggressive play fighting- kinda worries me. Is this normal? (face is snarled back- both growling teeth bared- both are young).

We never went through this (that I can remember) with our other pups we have had in our life but then again we never had one so young. She has had her first shots/wormed/flea-tick treatment and seems to be thriving well but we also want to make sure we train her well. She one day (hopefully) will be a "therapy" dog working with disabled children.
Please throw all the advise our way Thanks if you read this far. (and forgive the spelling errors- I have had little sleep - we are consitant with getting up every few hours to potty).

June 15th, 2009, 02:27 AM
Welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry u are having trouble with your pup, but you are right to try and stop it when she is tiny. I will try and give u a few ideas though I'm no experts. They will be posting later I'm sure. *S*

Maybe to try and stop her from growling when she is eating, feed her by hand a kibble at a time. If she growls stop feeding her and walk away for a minute and tell her growling is bad and she has to be nice to get food. I don't mean raise your voice, just in a gentle voice. Then go back in a minute and try again. When she takes it nice without growling give her lots of praise.

That is the only idea I can come up with.

Good luck