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More garden pics

June 11th, 2009, 04:43 PM
Here are 3 more of my Clematises,I still have a red one that's not blooming yet.

June 11th, 2009, 04:45 PM
The front of the house,plus my smaller birdbath and the side of the drive-way,can't wait for more blooms:lovestruck:

June 11th, 2009, 08:11 PM
Everything looks so neatly groomed and flourishing, chico. hazel's gardens are pretty much weed-choked and anemic right now... :rolleyes I should have had them in order by the end of May, but Life doesn't always cooperate... :o

June 11th, 2009, 09:29 PM
Your gardens are so pretty, like Hazel mine our weeds :sad: and the bright yellow ones that even someone with a brown thumb can grow:D, I can't wait to see the red clematis

June 12th, 2009, 08:22 AM
Hazel,if I had 8 dogs,I would not care about any garden:laughing:
pbpatti,it's definitely a labor of love,both for me and hubby,ever since he retired:lovestruck:

June 12th, 2009, 09:26 AM
It's even prettier when you see it in person! Very nice. :cloud9:
Gotta love the way chico managed to get a pic of her cute hubby in there. :thumbs up :D

June 12th, 2009, 11:00 AM
Honestly,I did not even realize he was there:laughing:

June 12th, 2009, 11:18 AM
Well if you need weeds to pull...just let me know I have plenty!!! just in case Chico you have the urge!

Beautiful gardens...wish mine were

June 12th, 2009, 03:51 PM
No thank's Shirley:laughing:
If you plant things close together,there is no room for weeds:laughing:
Is that Sable in your avatar??