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Reptiles - Uromastyx lighting

June 8th, 2009, 02:36 PM
Hey, I don't know how many reptile enthusiasts there are here, but I have a quick question. I just got my first uromastyx after many years of getting up the courage to take one on. When thinking about what uvb to use, I was unsure if I should get a regular uvb tube or a mercury vapor? I know they require a lot of heat and appropriate uvb. I was thinking of using the lights I have for my bearded dragon tanks. I've been using zilla desert series T5 lights for a while, which have been good. Though more recently I started using the new versions that came out. However, I'm unsure whether mercury vapor bulbs should be best since I heard they get really warm. Anyone try mvb or have a uro? What do you think I should decide on? I mean I already have basking lights so I could just get the zilla 50s, but if mega rays are more commonly used, I'd give them a shot.