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cut on paw pad

August 12th, 2004, 12:46 PM
i just realized, yesterday when i was playing with sexy rexy :) that on his right paw pad, he has-- what looks like a cut... its not bleeding, and he is walking fine.. i called the vet and they said not to worry about it.

But i was just wondering, how might have he gotten that ?!

August 12th, 2004, 01:14 PM
He could have cut it on something while you were walking him or anything. If it is not bothering him and it does not look infected and the vet said it is fine do not worry. Just keep and eye on it and if it looks red or something call the vet back but it will prolly be fine. :D

August 12th, 2004, 01:56 PM
Sometimes dogs pads can actually crack, are you sure it's not a crack instead of a cut? They crack if running/playing on hard surfaces too much or if there is something missing in the diet.

August 12th, 2004, 02:13 PM
its a crack!!!

wrong with diet ? like what luba ?!

August 12th, 2004, 02:28 PM
Dogs pads can naturally crack, little cracks but if it's a bigger one it could be from injury/concrete play or like I said dietery lacking something.

Can be your dog needs more oil in the diet, fish oil, omega fatty acids, vitamin e. You can rub vitamin E right on the pads as well.

August 12th, 2004, 03:01 PM
your so smart luba!!!

are you a vet ?! lol

August 12th, 2004, 03:11 PM
It only comes from experience having dogs go through these things. You'll know it all in time too :D

August 12th, 2004, 03:19 PM
Meatloaf was like that when I got him and the vet told me to put baby oil on his feet and wrap them (they were so bad they were bleeding and stuff) so I wrapped them in cloth soaked in baby oil and wrapped them for an hour and than un wrapped them it did wonders. But he was so sick from Parvo all he did was lay there any ways so I am not for sure how he would do if I did it now. Oh yes I do he would GO CRAZY! But, I know it really worked! Good luck! :D