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Evaluate my diet Please

May 28th, 2009, 12:31 PM
Id like to get thoughts on the diet we are currently feeding our girls. We made a full switch to raw a month ago and it seems to be going well. We switched as i thought it was more healthy for them, was going to be cheaper in the long run, and also in hopes that it would fill them out better and make them look better as well. I do learn new things every day. I think my biggest mistake so far and that i have learned here is feeding too much bone. Most of their meals consists of chicken back and some chicken necks. We also add yogurt, Bertes Green Blend, sometimes cottage cheese, and occaisonally smashed up vegies or fruits. I think that this has resulted in too much bone and the firmness of their stool is proof.

For the meals that we do not feed them chicken backs though we feed them a mix of tripe, ground turkey, beef liver, vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese, apple cider vinegar, green blend, flaxseed and some whole eggs. They get this a few days a week. We also give them a turkey neck a couple times a week.

However, after reading some on here yesterday i went shopping for them for dinner last night. I picked up some chicken drumsticks which i gave each of them 1. I added a couple chicken backs. I gave them each a butchers steak as well, and threw in about 10 smelt each. Topped it off with some pumpkin as we have been using it for constipation and a little yogurt and some apple pcs. Man were they in heaven. I think this is probably a more appropriate meal for them.

I also have a connection that has really introduced me to the raw die and i purchased 500 pounds of tripe and a product that is a mixture of beef, tripe, trachea, ground bone, eggs, minerals.

I will continue to feed some chicken but think i need to up the meat %.

Id like input and others thoughts as Im learning as much as i possibly can. My wife says i have become obsessed with feeding the dogs but i really want to learn as much about their nutrition needs as possible.

May 28th, 2009, 01:08 PM
I wish I had your tripe connection:eek:!!!!! Although I haven't the foggiest where I'd put it all!!!:laughing: Sounds like you're doing pretty good. :thumbs upPersonally, we don't supplement with anything other than omega FAs (fish oil). Other than that, it's meat, bone, offal, period. Eggs every now and then. The odd apple or carrot when the mood strikes but only 'cause they like it not 'cause they need it.

May 29th, 2009, 06:11 AM
vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese, apple cider vinegar, green blend, flaxseed

All of the above can easily be omitted.
Especially the flaxseed. ( dogs should not ever have flaxseed) - give your dog species appropriate instead: smelt/herring/mackerel/sardines/salmon

I can't stress this enough. vegetables contribute nothing to a dog's diet.
Save your money and spend it on more meat. The only non wanted benefit are that your dog gets high salts and sugars from these food items.

So that you know, the use of apple cider vinegar was a concept started in dogs that had candidae, ( and a good concept, because it helped). The apple cider vinegar helped lower the pH in the stomach so that the dog could better digest the raw meat, but if your dogs don't have a pH problem, then there is no need to buffer.

And stop the pumpkin. If your dogs are constipated then all you do is add more meat to their diets. It's wrong to feed for "just in case" things. By regularly added pumpkin to their diets you are adding a lot of sugar to their diets and not getting a clear reading of where their bowels are at.

If you feed correctly there is no need for pumpkin.

Best of luck and good for you for switching over.

May 29th, 2009, 07:22 AM
I agree with Merlinshope but I see no problems with using ACV.
I give mine ACV in their water daily and to the horses too, it has many other benefits than just reducing PH. It greatly eased joint mobility in my old Rottie/Shepherd a few years back this is where I fell in love with this stuff. I use it especially this time of year for bug repellant. It doesn't work the best but I have noticed they are not nearly as bitten up as they were a few weeks ago ( when we ran out of ACV)
But it's up to you, each has their own preferances on what to feed and what not to.
I too feed prey model raw, right from the beginning I was not sold on dogs needing veggies and fruits. I will offer them as a treat here and there if I am cooking with them already but I don't bother with adding it.

May 29th, 2009, 07:45 AM
When we first got started a month or so ago most of my information came from the site below as my friend who is a dedicated raw feeder sent me this link to get started. I have read so much over the last month that its very apparent that people do things very differently. I agree on the whole meat thing and have started giving more meat and less bone. Most sites also suggest the yogurt for the active enzymes that aid in digestion. I have also seen numerous reason for the vinegar. I did feed them some smelt this week and they loved it. Im having trouble finding any other type of fish as they dont seem to carry mackeral or herring. I should be able to find fresh sardines though. I would like to avoid the canned stuff due to the high salt content.
I respect everyones opinion and like to hear what others are doing. Im still feeling my way through this and seeing what works for my dogs. :fingerscr

Im having trouble getting link to post but the site is called BARFing Boxers by Bree - A Bones and Raw Food Site