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I'm thinking of switching...

May 28th, 2009, 09:18 AM

Long time no see. I was just checking the price of Wellness canned the other day, and the increase in the cost is pushing me towards the raw diet, but I still feel a little unsure about quantities. One of my cats is having difficult bowel movement again, and I'm wondering if they changed their formulas somehow...:shrug:

I want to try the 'whole prey' or 'frankenprey' approach, because none of my cats are doing too well with veggies. I heard that the feeding amount should be around 2-3% of the ideal body weight. Is that accurate?

My mother is considering switching her three dogs too, but she is a bit nervous, so if any of the other raw feeders could offer some testimonies\success stories to calm those worries...

Oh, and here's an interesting link I found while doing research on the subject.

May 28th, 2009, 09:24 AM
2-3% is a good starting point. Monitor the body condition closely and adjust up or down as needed. Cats absolutely have no need for veggies whatsoever, they are obligate carnivores. Meat, bone, offal (organs) that's it.

We switched our clan to raw full-time around January. I can't imagine going back to kibble now, everyone is doing amazing. My main tips would be: watch the grocery flyers for meat sales, make friends with a local butcher (you might be able to score cheap/free scraps or offal), and don't overcomplicate things. Measure food out at first to get a "feel" for the quantities you need, but soon you'll learn what's an appropriate amount and will be able to eyeball the portions quickly.