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Puppy & Kitten

May 25th, 2009, 02:12 PM
Hey all :-)

We have a 7mo old girl puppy, presa canario puppy, Lily.
We are planning to rescue a cat from a shelter.
We wonder how are we supposed to make them get used to each other?

Our dog has a strong prey drive, so we are gonna be extra careful to start with. Planning to get a muzzle for her just incase.

But we know we should introduce them together slowly, very slowly....

But I would like get some info from you :)


May 25th, 2009, 05:23 PM
This article has some good info on how to go about introducing them and ensuring the dog doesn't chase the cat:

Are you getting a kitten or an adult cat? May I suggest that an adult who has some experience around dogs would be the better choice? Kittens can be injured so much more easily and are considerably less adept at maneuvering out of the way. Plus they have a strong resemblance to a chew toy. Also please make sure that the cat has plenty of escape routes and high up places (like a cat condo) where it can feel safe. As explained in the article, tethering Lily to you at all times that the cat is in the same room would be a good idea, at least until the novelty has worn off and you feel comfortable that her interest won't escalate into a chase. Chasing should not ever be allowed under any circumstances.

May 26th, 2009, 02:10 AM
Thanks! Ill read that article.
What does "tethering" mean?

Well we don't really care if it is a kitten or an adult, but I'm leaning towards an adult. So it might make it easier.

I will take all the precautions and do as I am told, but Im just worried if Lily will see the cat as "another bunny/bird she see's on the yard". We have never allowed Lily to chase those animals outside, and we always snap her out of too much eye-attention on the animals.

Im wondering if it is possible for her to learn to be with the cat as time goes on without thinking its a snack?

I dont think I will ever leave them alone, I think its more safe to keep them separeted in the house if no-ones home.