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Wow stress full and expensive weekend

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May 25th, 2009, 02:41 AM
Well had a huge scare this weekend as 5 of our 7 cats got crazy sick, one deathly over a few days and still recovering. I've already taken the cats to a emergency vet Sat night where they found nothing from blood work and other tests.

They seem to have recovered 90% so far but I'll need some info on what I could give them to get their system back up to 100%

What started with the first shots for 5, 8 week old kittens turned into all of them vomiting, diarrhea and yellow/green stool two days after the shots. We figured this wasn't related to the vaccines but since the vaccines made them slow and sleepy for about a day and a half we didn't see them get sick till it was quite advanced.

One of the kittens vomited first on Fri night and by late Saturday the kids called us at work that all of them were vomiting. My gf made an appointment to the vet for Sun morning but when we got home from work one of the kittens was looking quite bad and lost a LOT of weight.

So we got them to a local emergency vet where he was stumped at first. The only thing we could think of was they got into something but after going through the house we found nothing that they could access.

After going through the sticker shock ($500+ dollars) we decided that the sickest kitten had to stay over night for blood work and get rehydrated. The vet also injected the other 4 kitten with liquids under their skin and we took them home.

Amazingly the cats looked like they were back to normal once their bodies absorbed the liquids and played for hours with two of them still vomiting once and then the 10 month old cat also started to vomit. Ok now the stress really started to kick in as to what was going on.

The vet called later that night and said Alice was slowly recovering that that the blood and other tests were normal.

So next morning we picked up Alice and she was very active and no more deathly looking.

So as my gf went to work I went through the house to find anything that could have cause this.

First we though it was maybe something in the carpet or maybe the can of food they all had at the same time but we were not sure. Then after some reading we realized that a week earlier my gf cleaned the hardwood floors with some orange based cleaner (which shows its toxic) on the bottle and she also uses the Swifer floor mop/cleaner almost everyday. Since the kittens were never around the kitchen/wood floors till after the cleaning were figured they must have gotten residue on their paws, fur and ingested the chemicals when the played/cleaned themselves and the vaccines and the stress of the vaccines pushed their bodies over the edge.

So far looks like they are recovering and we got rid of all floor cleaning chemical and re cleaned the floors with vinegar/water which we'll do a few more times this week to try to remove any residue from the old floor cleaners.

So anymore info on what I could give the kittens to get their system to 100% would be appreciated.

May 29th, 2009, 11:45 AM
The cleaner for the floors isn't totally bad , just a few licks wont do much.
So you can probably rule that one out.

Do you have any plants ?
Or toilette bowl cleaner they could have drinken,
Or bar soap.
Just trying to go through a list of whats open here in my house to help you out so it doesn't happen again, it really sucks when a pet gets sick and you really can't ask them 'Common fluffy, what did you get into'.
any type of food they could have gotten into,
or the garbage ?

but it could of very well been the shots they received. Sparky got really sick from them too, he's a dog but still.

Goodluck :pawprint: