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Little update !

May 20th, 2009, 02:10 PM
Hi there guys, haent been around in the past few weeks..

Thought i would update on my girly and my girl and boys!

Keely is, well, A typical terrier.. stubborn, but oh so lovable! She is going in for her 1 year check up to make sure everything grew right and stuff, and to talk about her anal glands. Dont have an appointment yet as mom doesnt have her work shedual for the next few weeks yet. When we get to the vet her trachea will be checked to make sure its stable and what not.

We have made a little progress with her fearful 'aggresion'. I do not think she is actually aggressive. When people approach us she goes into an avoidance state. She has her off moments, and her on moments.. She has had a few moments where she let people approach her and Pet her . She didnt bark, growl or lunge at the people, and she approached them and let them pet her.

When we are in car she has more moments of not barking at people then Moments of barking at others... But its more controlable.

I havent been able to see anything that sets her off in particular.. Its just, people, well, strangers...

On walks she, well, she has her moments, But im not totally happy with that yet. She does have less moments of barking, lunging and growling..

Also, something else i have noticed, When keely growls, shes not necasarily being aggressive, or mean, or trying to scare.. She growls when shes happy. She wanted to play with a maltese last night that was in the car parked next to us, and she was barking her head off and growling but she was excited to see this little dog, she just wanted to play.. Plus when she sits down and has a "chat" with my dad she makes these growly moaning noises.. I think she growls everytime she barks, its just a normal thing for her. Now, If i only i could get a sign to put on her back saying that my dog is not aggresive or mean, She growls even when shes happy! :rolleyes: Because sometimes its embarrassing trying to explain that your dog means no harm!

I had her out in canoe the other day, and she LOVES it :D So im excited about that.. I'm so impressed with her! Mom and i walk kacee and keely in a dirt road, that leads to all kinds of diff strawberry feilds and stuff. Its a strawberry farm. Anyways, I let kacee off leash, because this time of year the gates are closed and theres no traffic what so ever (I have permission from the land owner ).. So the other day I let keely off, as her recall is SO SO SO SO much better now.. I kept her short leash attached just in case i had to step on it quickly.. Kacee is allowed to go on ahead as long as i can see her and i expected keely to do the same, as she ussually follows kacee every where.. BUT, my girl being her.... She stayed within 10 feet the whole time.. If she would go too far ahead she would stop and look back for mom and I and would wait for us if she was too far ahead.. She came everytime i called, And I just couldnt beleive it, She was walking along side of, or right in front of us the whole time.. Kacee ussually goes off to the side of the road and gets in the water in the ditch (its clean) or runsout in the woods and comes right back , And even when kacee went in the woods, keely would just stand at the side of the road and wait for kacee to come back to the road, she would not leave the road, I was so so so impressed... Then we went to a big grassy feild and let the dogs run around and play for a bit, and yet again, keely kept a close distance.. Im really confident with letting her off leash in a safe area now.. Im so excited!
Now to the step dogs!

Kacee is doing great! Shes getting grey around her muzzle, which makes me want to cry, picturing her getting older kills me.. Cant think of it without geting a little upset. But shes still a puppy at heart, the big girl can still run, i tell you! lol.. Sometimes i think she has more enrgy then keely..

I managed to find Butches new owners. AND OMG IS HE EVER BETTER OFF!!

His legs beter now, and he has a HUGE yard, with a sister and he is allowed in the house, and get this, he sleeps in a real bed with his new skin brother!
I cant help but to feel proud.. I dealt with him for months, he was never able to walk on a leash, and his owners son couldnt pet him without fear of being bit or something, the boy was aggressive because he wasnt trained at all, or excersized, or socialized, So i cant help but thin that his new home probably wouldnt have wanted to take him if he still had his, issues..

And Lil bear, he's making the trip accross canada with his owner.. he will be gone all summer..:sad:

Sorry its so long.. I tend to ramble about the Doggie..:o

Did I mention there could very well be a Brother/sister for keely on the way sometime soon?;)

May 20th, 2009, 02:36 PM
Wow guys.. Sorry for the misleading title.. This update is not so little sorry

May 20th, 2009, 03:21 PM
Glad things are going well for you :thumbs up.

Be careful with the growl thing though. There should be a noticeable difference between a play growl and if she is frightened. Her body language will be key in determining her moods.

May 20th, 2009, 05:47 PM
Thanks TeriM.. I do notice a big differance in her 'real' growl and her playful, everyday growl.. And lemme tell ya, i wouldnt wanna cross her when she has her real growl on , its so big for such a tiny creature.. lol

May 27th, 2009, 11:01 AM
my cousin's dog growls when she's happy too. yeah, it can be frightening but once you're used to it it's not so bad. just have to learn to recognize the difference in body language during the growls.

i never got the first installment, but it sounds like youve got everything under control & heading in the right direction ^___^