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dog story

May 13th, 2009, 09:16 PM
One day a dog named max was walking up the street he was a stray dog but he had a friend that was a stray too her name was Emily. and max and emily were best friends but it was not easy to find food when your a stray but thay know how to get food, emily goes in to a food shop and make a mass and max goes a talk some food from in the story not to much just a little for them to eat for dinner. now they do not like to talk food form the shop but they have no another way to get food. so well emily and max are eating there food by a house a 12 year old girl comes out and see's them eating the food she runs inside and get some meet for them too eat to. max and emily love the meet and then the girl put and collier on them and give them a bath and cut there nails and brushed there heir..........and so on.........
and then they had a new good home

The End!