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Colby/Maya both not feeling well...

May 6th, 2009, 05:49 AM
Maya (3 yr old lab) has wheat allergies, so she is on California Natural Chicken and Rice for 2 years now, and all has been great. I had to go messing with a good thing, and tried to switch to Evo in January. That went poorly, couldn't get even to a 50/50 mixture before she went runny. So we weaned back and things were solid. Last Wed, she was squatting her peepee squat multi times but not producing. Then the diarrhea came. We went straight to vet, urine and fecal clear, but was given Flagyl 500mg, 2x bid, and 750 mg amoxil, bid. (Just in case) All well, diarrhea stopped after 2 days, continued with meds, bought new bag of food (her usual kind) on Sat, opened it on Sunday, diarrhea started again Sun night. At same time, Colby, 4 yr old lab, who has no allergies, was absolutely fine until Monday, when he all of a sudden started turning his nose up to the food (new bag). As of this morning, neither dog will eat without coaxing. Had to add broth this morning. Do I call vet back or run to store for new bag and see if I bought a bad bag. I assume they are like us and know when something isn't right with the food. I don't want a double vet bill if I can avoid it, I can't figure out if it is a related illness, or something totally new...Any advice? I work until noon today, and can still get them in at vet this afternoon, or should I try another bag of food first?

May 6th, 2009, 07:41 AM
It's not clear but are both dogs on the meds? Amoxil will cause lack of appetite in some dogs.. from what you vet prescribed, he's treating giardia... which is not easy to flush out. Are you giving your dogs probiotics as the meds will kill the good bacteria along with the bad? Just some thoughts

May 6th, 2009, 12:15 PM
Maya is the only one on meds, Colby was just fine until I bought the bag of food, I asked about probiotics, and the vet said that the flagyl would cover that since it is a diarrhea med. I just think it is unusual that BOTH dogs would stop eating at the same time, Maya has already been on her meds for 5 days and the diarrhea had ceased on day 2 of meds. Other than the not eating Colby is fine, no vomiting, no lethargy, no runny poop. Maya is not eating without coaxing but the diarrhea has restarted. The vet said all tests were neg for bacteria, but maybe I had caught it faster than it took for it to show up. I had her in to vet's within 4 hours of her first unproductive squat. She had UTI's as a puppy, and I panicked as soon as I thought there was a problem. I'm going to run up the street to the feed store and grab a new small bag, and if they turn their noses up, I will be on the horn with the vet.:shrug:

May 6th, 2009, 12:51 PM
Well, Kristin at the feed store gave me sample bags, so I didn't have to spend any $, both dogs turned up their noses, so I guess it's gonna be a call to the vet. She also gave me some free probiotic packets to sprinkle on their food tonight, and said there is a virus going around, several other customers are going through similar with their dogs. I swear I would be lost if she ever closed, they are the only store in the area that promotes natural foods and holistic medicine for animals, all the other places employ dingbats and are the big money corps.