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Wrapped around their paws..

April 29th, 2009, 09:11 PM
In what way do your furries have you wrapped around their lil paws?

I thought of this and laughed yesterday as I went downstairs at 4am to have a cup of water and then had to deal with a screaming bunduk. *MEOOOOOOW. look at dish. MEOOOOOOOOOOW. look at dish * Lil bugger wanted canned food even though his dish was full of kibble. So I opened a fresh can and then sat on the floor next to him while he ate (and took his sweet time) so that when he was done I could carry him back upstairs with me. Bunduk doesnt like to be left alone on any of the floors and begins to meow incessently if he is. He also doesnt like to climb stairs unless he really really has to. Spoiled much?

Recently he has also decided that he will only drink cold water and only off of one of the sidetables in the living room. It doesnt matter what Im doing (phone, tv, exam prep) if he jumps up on that table and looks at me it means I get up fill a large glass with cold water and hold it tilted on the table while he laps up. Of course I can't just leave a cup there because then its not cold enough for his highness :rolleyes:

There are much more but these are just 2 recent examples that come to mind.
Tell me I'm not alone?:crazy:

April 29th, 2009, 09:20 PM
You're not alone :shrug: side table scenario :o


April 29th, 2009, 10:38 PM
OMG...where to start???? :headslap:

My Messina will bring me a toy mouse to play with her with and drop it somewhere in my vicinity...if I ignore her, she will pick it up and drop it on my foot, face, stomach...if I still ignore her, she will start to whack at, bite me or MEOW at me...she doesn't give up easily...I usually give up before she does. :rolleyes:

My Seth plays ninja cat with me when he is hungry for whatever I am eating. He will sit in one spot and stare...then he will move closer and stare...then he will sit beside me and stare (I never really actually SEE him moving). If I keep on ignoring him, he will just start if to heck with politely asking anymore! He will purr if I give up early and give him whatever at first stare. :rolleyes:

As for wierd things...

- cheese has to be a certain shape and warmth
- ice has to be crushed with NO pieces larger than a thumb nail or I get hissed at
- if I put chicken in a bowl, it won't get eaten, but on a plate and it's gone in nano seconds
- neither will eat off a spoon, but a fork is OK...try ice cream on a fork!
-veggie crackers have to be whole to pieces...even though they LEAVE pieces on the floor
-Seth will get in his crate easily if it has his blue blanket in it, but not a towel...he will actually sit there staring into his crate and then at me until the correct blanket appears
-Messina will meow and swat at the TV when I am changing channels if I hit on something she wants to watch...I know it's all about images or sounds, but it sure was kinda freaky the first time she did it

April 30th, 2009, 07:52 AM
Let's see, Misty will only drink out of the tap, and then only if it's cold water and only if it comes in a tiny stream. Too much,she won't drink, too little she just pats the droplets. Misty also trains dogs. All she has to do is growl and the puppy stops and sits rather than get closer to the scary cat.
Dr. Seuss has us trained (or we have him trained?) to let him out on his leash when he is on the stand in the hallway. He will even go out, and want to stay out, in the rain, as long as it isn't a hard rain.
MooBoots goes to the bottom of the stairs and meows for company, and won't stop until he gets it.
And all of them have various tricks, from meowing to scratching, that cause doors to magically open for them.

April 30th, 2009, 09:21 AM
Gee, my cats are normal compared to others :D. They get nothing special or ask for anything. They are just happy go lucky kitties. :D.

No wait, just thought of something:

Jasper must be carried over any wet grass. Snow is OK as long as it has been previously packed down (normally by me :frustrated:). He MUST get a sample of all raw meat (yes even our dinner) or cat food that is being served otherwise he will meow his fool head off. Meat must be cut in 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch pieces and it is preferred if he gets a "Now" treat on it.

Puddles will not put her paws in wet or snow so she must be carried outside when this is present. Her food must be ground (raw) and must be piled up in a heap before she will even entertain the idea of eating. She will not go outside if there is enough wind to "FLUFF" her fur. Litter boxes must be scooped before she will use them.

Sweet Pea is normal and doesn't care too much about anything, she will take food anyway she can get it and be outside as much as she can.

Rosebuddy: Will not eat cat food, raw only, so he is now on 100%raw. He prefers to be fed on the bed and only on a sandwich plate.

Rose: Must put raw ontop of her Wellness and the Wellness must be mixed with at least 50% raw. You MUST stop and pat her when you walk into her room or she will chase you down to try to stop you. :p.

April 30th, 2009, 09:47 AM
LOL, it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

Vlad, sleeps on a pillow on the night table next to my bed that isn't being used. If I'm eating cheese, he HAS to have some, no ifs ands or buts. When I get home, before I even put my keys and purse down, he lays on the ground for his tummy rub.

Oksana, wakes me up at 4-5 am and pats me on the shoulder because it's petting time. When I wash my hair and sit to dry it, she likes to lay on the damp towel, and will jump on the vanity table and wait for me to lay it out for her.

Maks, has very few little quirks, but Kiska likes to have me open the fridge door so she can sit inside for a few seconds. She'll also meow like crazy for me to pet her, but when I go to pet her she does slithers away. :shrug:

Czari, is like Maks, she's got very few quirks.

Jim Hall
April 30th, 2009, 11:11 AM

du expects a brushong esp in the morning before any thing else hapens

DU will only lay on pink blankets not white or blue

April 30th, 2009, 12:15 PM
LOL.. Dusty is her Royal highness She will beg for food, stare, meow to get WHATEVER it is. She also must have the highest spot on the bed (usually 3 pillows stacked high) or she hisses & looks at it until it is done correctly.

If you are eating a Dill pickle you must share with Sid or you will be ignored/hissed at rest of day.

If Spagetti & meatballs is for dinner Sid will have a plate as well ON TABLE.
Actually any kind of pasta.

Diamond has to have raw chicken if i am cutting it or I get the 'look" & dont save her some.

April 30th, 2009, 07:24 PM
Cooper must sleep at the foot of the bed and goes nuts if he thinks we're getting in bed without him. He can't jump up and depends on us to pick him up so he goes crazy hopping up and down when he sees us in our jammies.

He MUST take an empty water bottle, a rawhide bone, and a stuffie (mousie) to bed with him. If any of these items falls off the bed in the night he makes a low growl and stares at it until we get up and retrieve it for him. Empty water bottles are light and fall off if anyone so much as turns over and makes the covers move. We got more sleep when the kids were infants. He wants to be carried around for the first half hour after we get up in the morning so we brush our teeth and work on the computer while holding Cooper. If we try to put him down he wraps his paws around our arms and won't let go !!

Once we take him downstairs he goes right to his little bed for a nap until breakfast.

He will bark at us if we're drinking out of a bottle until we give him the empty bottle. If he's alone on either level he barks and cries like a baby until we go get him and any alone time with the hubby has to involve an elaborate plan to trick Cooper into thinking I'm on the computer and hubby is in the basement. It never works. He can sense that mommy and daddy are sneaking off and then the crying begins.

May 4th, 2009, 01:00 AM
Boy glad to know mine aren't the only werid ones!

lets see.

Eclipse has the least quirks of any of them. He loves to lay on our bed but it has to be unmade. if we make it he lays on the floor on our chair and meows at us. eventually he will either go lay on it or we mess it up for him just to get him to leave us alone. I have a free feeder for dry (i know i know) but if the bottom gets empty he won't paw it down like the rest of them he needs to have it shaken down or he just sits there and stares at it. He talks to himself for no reason really. He'll just sit on the floor stare at the ceiling and meow.

Serena likes to smell your hand before you pet her. If your hand is dirty she slinks away from you. And if you do pet her before washing your hands she will sit there clean herself and glare at you. She likes strawberries but they have to be ripen. She loves my FH's bodywash. When he gets out of the shower she is all over him. I swear i need to take pics someday. she has to lay over his arm at the computer too not next to it or away from it on it lol. she has to be able to lay on any box we have even if there is stuff in it.

Stormy loves foil balls but it has to be just the right size. If its to big or to small she won't play with it. and i have to throw it like four times before she plays with it on her own. She will meow at the counter. We still haven't figure out what she wants. She has to be in the bathroom with me. Except if i take a shower but after and anytime i'm in there she follows or crys if i shut the door. she doesn't like to be petted on her head lol.