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stomach flu's / bugs ??

April 25th, 2009, 05:31 PM
It's probably been asked before, but is it possible for a dog to catch a stomach bug like humans can ?

My dog has maybe had this twice in the past year including last night, and only maybe once before, where she puked a couple of times and then had diarrhea for up to a day as if she had a bug. I *think* I remember once before that it happened within a week or so of having been at the kennel. She was at the kennel for a week until last saturday, otherwise has had no contact with other dogs.

Hadn't changed her diet this week, she's had her regular food, maybe a couple of bits of cheddar with her pills, or a dog biscuit with a bit of natural p-butter with pills, same as usual. When she goes out to do her business, she's tied on in a small area like always. Haven't discovered her getting into anything. Only walked her once earlier in the week for a half hour, until yesterday evening, and she didn't do anything but sniff, mark, pee/poop on her walk.

I walked her for an hour yesterday evening, and she was raring to go as usual. Same routine as the walk above, no getting into anything weird. Yesterday evening and until bedtime she was farting up a storm :yuck: and was a stinky little bugger. She is normally a highly stink-free doggie, even her breath is not too bad when she's eating right. The couple of times she's ever had an accidental poop in the house, it doesn't stink the place up. She never wakes me at night to go out.

Anyway, went to bed, and woke up a few hours later to an awful smell in the bedroom, which i eventually discovered was coming from behind the bedroom door, couple of poop puddles and a puke (TMI I know). I ended up having to put her out twice during the night to poop, and she had one more puke, all of which just look like bile, nothing bloody or anything like that to be seen in either.

She slept most of today, except having to "go" a few more times than usual, continued to have remnants of diarrhea. Nothing like last night. Didn't eat except two dry biscuits, but continued to drink water a couple of times, but not excessively. Normal pees. Has gradually gotten a lot more active within the past few hours, and seems back to herself that way.

Just went out to start eating her food as I type. Musta known I was talking about her :laughing:

I suppose there's always a possibility she got into something somewhere, but she's confined to a very small area when i'm out, and i'm very careful to never let anything hit the floor or within her reach that could hurt her. Over the years however, she's managed to eat things like cigarette butts, toilet paper, ear plugs, and a few other things I won't mention :laughing: Thankfully none of these ever had much of an effect on her.

She's a small dog, 12.5 years old but very active, and according to last vet check, healthy except for cataracts, and she's being treated for thyroid (hence pills). Is on low protein diet since her first year. A one hour, very brisk walk does little to beat her out, so I know the walk wasn't too much for her. She gets all her shots and such.

So anyway, my long story again asks the question...sounds like she had a 24 hour bug to me or something. :shrug:

April 28th, 2009, 08:11 AM
What a great post. I'm sorry, I know you can't see me but I am fairly dying here, laughing.

It's the farting though, not you.

I have three dawgs. One likes to fart and LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, one likes to fart and look "up" as if this somehow absolves her of the offence and one likes to fart and well, grin as-proud-can-be.

Best !

April 28th, 2009, 09:41 AM
It's probably been asked before, but is it possible for a dog to catch a stomach bug like humans can ? ...

So anyway, my long story again asks the question...sounds like she had a 24 hour bug to me or something. :shrug:

Yes, they can. Sometimes it's a bug; sometimes they'll eat something that causes an imbalance in the bacteria of the intestine. Our dogs are famous for the second scenario--they eat acorns in the yard, the acorns deliver little bursts of available energy to bacteria in the intestine as they digest, and certain bacteria begin to proliferate more than they should. Then comes the gas and the diarrhea. :rolleyes:

You haven't lived till you've had 8 farting dogs in the house... :eek: