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First visit back to the vet

April 21st, 2009, 01:07 AM
I thought Oliver would act out or something but he was the perfect kitten. We have no cage yet (next on our list of must haves but that will go in the budget for next month which is almost here) He just sat on my lap and chilled in the waiting room, mind you this is the same place that found him and we adopted him, and then just sniffed a bit and had to be a blocked every once in a while but eventually just layed down and waited to let the vet poke and prod him. Poor thing had to get the thermometer up the bum for a while. That thing took forever. He would finally calm down and the temp would go up .1 every other second so it had to stay in and then he would be like OKAY THIS IS ENOUGH GET IT OUT. Which ment we would have to talk longer lol. He got a shot and a other vaccine ( I dont mention names cuz its all in portuguese) The doctor said cats get depressed after them (I am guessing I translated wrong and it means tired) and he ended up sleeping over half the day away (usually is up at first light and bouncing everywhere till miday has a nap then up and chugging again till night with a nap or two between)

I dunno what I am going to do about him clawing the sofa to jump up I know he isnt doing it to CLAW but it is a brand new sofa >.<. I try to give him a boost up when I realize he wants up but he is so darn quick. I dont mind him on the sofa he just curls up and lays contently next to me, its the getting up that is going to ruin my poor sofa *pets the brand spanking new sofa* But like my mom said when dinah (the dog) chewed Harvard first edition books...things are not as important as living beings (she had to chant that one for a while lol) And I wouldn't trade oliver for anything he was chosen at the right time for all parties. I wish I could have gotten his sister but we have a small apartment (well not SMALL but yeah multi animals would be pushing it) and no screened windows. Monitoring Oliver till we get a screen on the lower half of the porch is hard enough without another kitten to be worried about. I hope she finds a good home. She was identical to the point the assistant had to go to the vet to ask which was which. LOL.

Speaking of the sofa and its torturer here is a current atm shot of him...
Just wanted to rant about him a bit. Thanks for listening.