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Lost border collie in Brampton!!!!Please help!!

April 10th, 2009, 09:07 PM
Ok here's the story, a bit of a long one. 6 months ago my brother's friend brought his dog over...I fell in love. He told me that they were moving and he needed to find the dog a home. I would have liked to have brought him home but my dog who was 12 did not get along too well with other dogs (he was a rescue and I tried). So I said I would help him find a home. Feb.9/09 My pup had to be rushed to the hospital. We later found out he had hemangiosarcoma. A large tumor the size of a real baseball was attached to his spleen. He had absolutely no symptoms until that day, NONE at all. A few short hours later we lost him. I miss him sooooo much but I know he is still with me. March 24/09, my brother's friend called and said he needed to find a home for his guy, I wasn't yet ready(still hurting from losing my guy Kato) but I knew he needed a home and I did fall in love with him from the first day so I decided to take him. His dog, Max, kept running off the property and the neighbours were really upset. I asked him if he could keep him just until friday because I wouldn't be home during the day and I have cats so I would like to be there the first couple of days. The follwing Monday my mother would be home and able to stay with him for the next 6 months. Friday I called him to tell him I was going to come over and pick him up. I was sooo excited!! He told me he had taken off the night before and hadn't come back. That was March 26/09. Still no sign. Although I have been critisized because I am still searching and he wasn't my dog yet, I still am. The day I said I would take him, I made a commitment to take care of him. I've posted signs, I have a report in brampton, mississauga, caledon, orangeville, oakville, georgetown, halton hills, erin. Everywhere. Every vet clinic, pet store. No sign. I call shelters daily, check online hourly. Nothing. If anyone can give me any advice it would be much appreciated. He is a red and white border collie/Sheltie. 1 yr. 3m. Very sweet and friendly, but kind of shy. He was lost around creditview rd. and wanless in brampton. Any advice would be great. Sorry for the long read!!