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Heartworm Med's Online Without Prescription

April 8th, 2009, 09:18 AM
As promised from an earlier thread I had last posted on March 24th I have located a great place to purchase Heartworm med's without a prescription.
The company web site is:

The company is located in Canada but the med's are shipped from offshore therefore no prescriptions are required. I believe this also applies for U.S. orders.
I ordered Heartgard for my 2 dogs on March 24th and I received them yesterday April 7th so it was a 2 week turnaround.
The order was actually shipped from Australia. The packaging is Australian but the med's are identical to ours.
I also found an online coupon code to get $10.00 off an order over $65.00 that was accepted plus there is no shipping and handling fees. The Code is: 10FREE65. Not sure if this code is still good but it's worth a try.
I saved more than half of what I paid for the same med's last year that I purchase from my vet.

I hope you all find this usefull:thumbs up

April 8th, 2009, 09:52 AM
Sorry but maybe it is just me but, I don't find buying prescriptions over the net or phone 'useful'. There is a reason why it is not over the counter.

Too many problems could arise.


April 8th, 2009, 01:12 PM
ACO22, I am with you. I would be terrified that my guy would come down with heartworm and I would have to explain why his pills came from Australia -whether they are they same or not. Frankly, I would be afraid to tell my vets of 30 years I was doing this! My Eskie is on Sentinel 12 months of the year now to help prevent him from getting sick in January during our so-called warmer winters - a lot of dogs were coming in with illnesses preventable by heartworm meds during the thaws in Jan. and Feb. He had his 5th physical on Sat. - glowing report - and of course 1/2 the cost was for the 2 packs of Sentinel. He is also covered by VetInsurance - not that they pay for any of his physicals etc. but if he came down with heartworm and I had purchased the Sentinel on-line I fully expect they would not cover him. But it sure costs to have a dog these days. Thankfully we now have only one dog - at one time had 5 dogs and 3 cats.

April 8th, 2009, 03:19 PM
Before I made my order I thoroughly checked out the company and feel confident that I am getting the genuine product. I wrote to them and asked important questions and also looked into the company itself.
From the information I found, Heartgard was originally launched in Australia by Merial in 1988 where heartworm was first discovered. When my order arrived I also received a certificate from the Australian Government Veterinary Officer guaranteeing that the product is BSE free. (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) Don't ever remember seeing that on my Canadian package last year.
Northvet has most of the answers to any questions that people might have on their web site. #11 (Are your products counterfeit?) is very interesting.
I guess if the vet's didn't always charge an arm and a leg for everything I would never do this, but I am aware of the markup that goes on in the vertrinarians office and right now this is the right thing for me to do.

April 8th, 2009, 07:28 PM
Oh thanks, looks like a great site and I think I'll give it a try!
It would be great for rescues, help them save lots of much needed money.