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Lost cats Centre-Sud, Montreal

April 1st, 2009, 11:48 PM
I've held off reporting this because it is just so painful to write about, much less form thoughts.

Over an 8-hour period, beginning late Monday night, three of my darling boys disappeared without a trace, namely Goose, Bill and Tony.

I will be going to Berger Blanc tomorrow, expecting nothing but more heartache.

Needless to say, all the other cats are confined to barracks. They are adjusting, unusually quiet in fact, perhaps in response to my mood.

I am located near Walter Stewart Park, two blocks south of Sherbrooke at d'Iberville. If you have seen my cats or know what happened, please contact me. I am offering serious reward money for their return.

April 2nd, 2009, 06:43 AM
OMG Badger....I'm so sorry. I am not sure about your area, but when a number of cats go missing in my area, its either a fox, or a disgruntled neighbour who captures and releases them somewhere else.....I hope you find them soon....I'm so sorry. You are an old pro at this so I won't even begin to tell you what to do....I just want to wish you luck. My heart goes out to you.

April 2nd, 2009, 07:11 AM
I am so sorry to hear that Badger :grouphug:. I hope they come back today.

Dog Dancer
April 2nd, 2009, 04:59 PM
Badger how awful for you and the kitties. Praying that the three of them show up safe and sound - right away. I'm so sorry to hear this. Three at once certainly doesn't sound good. I can understand why you would be so heartbroken.:pray:

April 2nd, 2009, 05:19 PM
Ohh badger, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. Sending lots of :pray::goodvibes::fingerscr out for the boys. I hope they come home. :pray: