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Again with the humping

March 30th, 2009, 08:35 PM question...Messina was only spayed last December after birthing four little it possible for her to have risidual heat? She isn't howling, but she coos a lot when she is around Seth and they clean each other and hug before they get hot and heavy :rolleyes: and then they cuddle after...they cuddle a lot...even if they are just sitting around watching TV.

I guess she could do a lot worse...lord knows her mommy has :rolleyes: Seth takes very good care of her and is always the gentleman...but I don't know if I should be discouraging this or just pray they don't do it in front of company...

On a side note...below is a pic of his neck can see a very distinctive difference in fur (less and wireyer)...does this have something to do with his maybe his fur is changing because he is becomming a man?