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Salutations to all!

March 28th, 2009, 01:56 PM
Being new here I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Northern Ontario, retired, married to a wonderful man, my children-boy & a girl are grown & away. Proud Grandma of three beautiful grandchildren.

I love both dogs & cats, wonderful creatures they are. Cats are so mysterious & independent & as for dogs...well I think they'd do just about anything to make you happy. But I never thought I could possibly allow another animal into my life. After the loss of my beloved cat Misha, I've never been able to open my heart to another. She helped me through a very difficult illness & was a true companion. I still ache even after all these years when I think of her. Because of her kidney problems I had to have her euthanize. I couldn't bare to part with her, so although some may consider it foolish I'm sure that there are some that understand. I had her cremated & from that day to this her urn has rested on my fireplace mantel, always with me My family has tried to convince to get another animal, but I've not as of yet been able to let go. Until......

My sisters pet chow had puppies & my sister asked if I could offer some help during the birthing. I held the puppies while she tended to the new mommy. The puppies were just so adorable... I can't say as I picked him, I think he picked me. I believe now I'm finally able to move on. He's coming home in 4 weeks! :stork-baby: I've already name him, Falco He's a mix, the mother is purebred chow & the father is lab/retriever.

And now that I have found this forum, I believe I'm going to be just fine. I hope I can give back to others as much as I'm sure I'll learn here.

Sorry that my post was so long.

Dog Dancer
March 28th, 2009, 04:49 PM
Welcome msKathleen. Misha was a lovely kitty, they hold such a special place in our hearts. I know my two late kitties were both prescious to me, but the older big red was my special kitty. Falco is so cute! Can't wait for more picture updates once you have him home. It will be fun to watch him grow.