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Losing A Member Of The Family

March 17th, 2009, 07:28 AM
Hi, I am new on here and have been reading a lot of the stories on here. It's really comforting to know that so many people love their pets as much as I love my pets.
Our family's 14.5 year old dog Monty is my best friend, everyone 's best friend actually. He's been a great dog for the past 14 years and I couldn't ask for a better dog. I love him so much and I am devastated that I am going to lose him. He started taking seizures over a month ago and is on Phenobarbital to control them. The PB makes him so out of it, it's painful to watch. He had to have his meds increased a few days ago because the seizures returned. Now we have to put him down. We are all heartbroken. It's the most pain I've ever felt. It's terrible to see my baby falling down, stumbling, running into things. He can't keep his balance and when he falls he has this look on his he doesn't understand why he keeps falling. It hurts. Sunday nite he triedto go to the basement during the night and he fell down the stairs. He wasn't injured but my mother had to carry him back up the stairs because he couldn't do it on his own.
My parent's made the appointment yesterday to have him put to sleep. It's going to happen one week from today. I'm having a hard time processing it. I can't picture my life without him. He's been my constant companion for 14 years. And thankfully I have so many beautiful memories of him. But I am so sad. I don't want him to go. But I am trying my hardest to think of him. I know I can't keep him here for my sake, I have to do what's best for Monty. The past month has been devastating for me and my family, to watch our baby fade away so quickly. I'm just glad I found this site so that I can have some people to talk to that know what I'm going through.

March 17th, 2009, 08:04 PM
I think most of us have had to go through the process of losing our buddies, Carolyn, so we can relate to what you're feeling :grouphug:

It's never an easy decision. Stay strong for him, though. He'll pick up on your stress. Time enough to grieve after he's gone. :grouphug:

We never have enough time with them...their lives are so fleeting. Hang on to those beautiful memories--they create a bond that will last forever :candle: You give him the greatest gift by being with him at the end and easing his passing by surrounding him with your love.

March 17th, 2009, 09:50 PM
I feel your pain. Believe me. It is so hard to lose one of our family members. And that is what they are to us. Treasure every moment you have left. Take lots of pictures. Create some new memories. They may be too painful to look at right away but in time you will love having them.
And remember........ we are all here for you when you are ready. :grouphug:

March 18th, 2009, 09:15 AM
I am so sorry to hear this. Find comfort in knowing that he has been living a full life full of love and companionship. Though it is difficult to say good bye as there never seems to be enough time.

You are allowed to grieve but do so when he is gone and not before. Try to remain upbeat and celebrate him today. He knows that he is loved. He will go to the bridge with wonderful things to bark about. You have done good by him and he is very very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Best to you. I wish you strength and celebration for today.

March 18th, 2009, 11:02 AM
Carolyn, I am so sorry; I understand your pain too well--so many of us know this pain. Make the next week the best you can for him. He knows that you love him. Dogs just have such wonderful, knowing souls. I know it may not sound true to you right now, but you will understand. Your family is giving Monty the greatest gift of love a pet family can give. It hurts and in a way, it seems like by ending our beloved pet's pain, we bring ourselves pain.

You say, "But I am trying my hardest to think of him. I know I can't keep him here for my sake, I have to do what's best for Monty." You have a wisdom that transcends your age. It is so hard to say goodbye, but know that even when Monty is not physically by your side, he will forever live in your heart.

I will pray that Monty has a peaceful, gentle passing to the Rainbow Bridge and that you and your family find strength in your cherished memories.

July 3rd, 2009, 11:20 PM
I haven't been on this site in ages. I get forgetful with my health issues.

Anyhow, sorry to hear of your loss. I had to put both my husky and cocker spaniel down last year. I sure miss that spaniel. She was so sweet, gentle and loving.

I still have my calico cat but probably not for much longer. She is almost 14 now. I won't be getting another cat after she is gone. One dog is all I can handle at this point in my life.

I did get a mini schnauzer. She is one and a half now.

July 3rd, 2009, 11:45 PM
I am so very sorry about Monty. HUGS I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes feeling your pain. I can't add anything to what the others have said. Just know that we all understand how hard it is to loose a beloved fur baby and how much it hurts. :grouphug:


July 3rd, 2009, 11:54 PM
:sorry: :sad:

July 4th, 2009, 01:53 AM
I know how you feel. I just had my beautiful Ben (10yr old lab) put to sleep yesterday. He too had developed epilipsy and was on pheno barbs. Last Friday he had a stroke came good for a couple of days then went down hill fast. We buried him today on my brothers property. Make the best of the next week give him all his favourite things and lots and lots of cuddles. Just remember he will be at peace and he will always stay with you in your heart.

July 4th, 2009, 07:33 AM
I understand how you feel. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. :grouphug::grouphug: They are every bit as important a part of your family as any other family member. I joined when my beloved cat was seriously ill with hopes that I could get his disease under control and have him with me for many more months or longer. It was not to be. His condition worsened quite suddenly to the point that I made the painful decision to put him down a little over a month after joining. It is hard to be upbeat when you know what is to come, just do your best for his sake. Mickey's condition worsened very suddenly and the day I took him in, I'm afraid I was unable to stop my voice from choking up with tears in the final moments, but I also know he felt my love right to the end as I talked to him and told him everything was going be alright. I felt in my heart that everything was going to be alright because he would be free of suffering and in a better place. After your beloved Monty is gone to that better place, be patient with yourself and allow yourself the time to grieve and heal. I have no pets at the moment and at first felt there would be no real reason to come back to this site, but I do find myself coming back here frequently because I find a great deal of solace here.

July 4th, 2009, 06:11 PM
I think one of the hardest things we ever have to do is let our beloved friends go, their time with us is never long enough :cry: this heartbreaking time is forever in our thoughts .
I know how you feel i have lost my last two dogs one at 3yrs old to a brain tumour and my last baby at 18mths to cancer, my young dog now is not in good health .
My thoughts are with you during this difficult time:grouphug:
spend all your remaining time together and think of the lovely life you have given him and that he will be pain free and running around at the bridge waiting for you.
Hugs for you both :grouphug: x

July 7th, 2009, 12:34 AM
We had to put our dog of 13.5 years to sleep in May. He had spleen cancer. It was hard. My mom thinks she may have done it too soon but atleast he didn't suffer. He had maybe a week left.
My mom is taking it very hard but I as well have had tons of support from people on message boards.