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King is so funny

March 15th, 2009, 04:59 PM
King now seems to want to be chased to get his harness on for his walks we now just there and wait for him to come to us, well last tuesday he came in front of me while I was waiting for him so I decided to go fast to scoop him up to get his harnes on well the stinker ran faster and my hand went into the frame of another couch, thought I just sprained it next day at work within an hour it swelled up so bad and I couldn't move it turned out I fractured it (I should say it was only my finger) couldn't believe it such a small dog caused me so much pain.
I know I shouldn't let him sleep with me but he barks and whines until I get him on the bed, but when I reach down to get him he bites my hands playfully so after a few attempts I just roll over, so now I got a step for him to get up and you should have seen him the first couple of times he made it up there on his own so excited it made me happy.