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Big Dog Little Dog and Parks

March 2nd, 2009, 03:22 PM

We have taken out puppy twice to the dog park, now she is little and has her second shots so we are trying to socialize her. My mom has two big dogs and she loves to play with one of them so I thought lets take her out where she will be very distracted this way she can learn to "come" as well. Of course she does all of the commands good at home but on the street or around all the busy stuff not so much. I am a soccer mom so we will be out a lot in the summer of course with her so I want her to be a good doggy with lots of training I know we can do this. Now my question is at the dog park (there are only two in my area, one is a really big one with lots of forest, the other just a small piece of land that was just desginated for dogs) but she is the only small dog all the other dogs are big. Yesterday there was a sheep dog(not sure if thats the real name sorry) but a big hairy one and she was only a year or so, so very friendly. She stepped on Angel twice, now Angel loves to play with them she starts it, she follows its really cute. She kind of turtles when the big dog gets close and sometimes rolls on her back but then gets right back up and continues to chase and play. Despite her age she will always be small, I just want to be sure she can handle the big dogs, is it good for us to go, it's not like they have a park for small dogs I said she turtles(lies flat) I guess she is submissive when they come to close and the big dog seems to just keep on going they leave her when she does that and then she gets right back into it, she does not seem scared becasue she goes right back. Is this normal, alright, any opionin??? :dog:

March 2nd, 2009, 09:15 PM
That's fine, she's just letting the dog know her limits by submitting when it's to rough. She wont get hurt getting stepped on by a dog, puppies are tougher then they look. And you need to socialize her as much as possible. She will learn confidence the more she's around big dogs and engage them in play more and more, when I first started takeing my guy to the dog park he was pretty stand offish around most of the bigger dogs, besides a few one he took well to, but he quickly started chaseing around the biggest dogs their.

Also some dogs are just submissive, she may always submit in play, but aslong as she's playing, not being aggresive or showing obvious signs of fear (hideing, tail between legs, etc) then she's having fun. Chances are she will come into her confidence more and more though. Socialization is super important, make sure you socialize her with every type of dog you can find, and other types of pets to, even live stock if you get the opportunity to do it safely.