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Ear mites, revisited

March 1st, 2009, 10:06 PM
When I got my kitten, Piet, in September 2008, the previous owner said he had ear mites. So I brought him to the vet, she confirmed the mites, and then gave me something that I thought was for the mites. When we went back for his booster vaccine, she informed us (again) that he had mites. We said we knew, that she had given us some medication for it. She said that the medication she gave us wasn't for mites!

She gave us the right meds for the mites the second time around, with a free precautionary treatment for my other cat, as well. We treated Piet for mites as instructed (with Advantage). He seemed to get better but recently, he's been scratching his ears and shaking his head a lot, and he tends to lower his ears a bit after scratching as if he hurt himself, which to me says they are not gone. There is still some brown stuff in his ears--a lot less than before, but still a bit--and I'm not sure what to do about it now. I left a message at the vet's office to tell them they screwed up, and hopefully they can give me some drops, or something.

All this to say, what treatment course should I follow? Should I get another dose of Advantage plus drops? Or just drops?

Update: The vet called me back and she agreed to see him and treat him for free. After two treatments of Advantage, he still had mite eggs in his ears. She treated him with Revolution and we're supposed to give him drops twice a day for 21 days. Let's see how this goes...