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Final Update on Lucky

February 25th, 2009, 04:28 PM
Note from Fubaby Rescue....

Feb:18/09: Gosh darn my eye is sore, Foster Mom continually cleaning it and putting drops in every 4 hours, it hurts. Poor Lucky, just when he was pain free from his surgery, this has to happen...but really Lucky is lucky...this will pass. He needs to return to the vet by Friday or Saturday for a recheck. His stitches from his surgery have been removed, the swelling gone down considerably, and no pain when touched or manipulated. He had a bath this morning, as he sure needed it...but so Ouchy trying to wash around his eye.

Feb. 21/09: Lucky's eye is 75% better, he has another appointment on Monday, Feb. 23...all is looking well...oh and Lucky has a secret, he will share really soon:-)

Feb.23/09: Lucky went in for his recheck, his eye is doing fine, it will take awhile to completely clear up, but it will. It is amazing with this breed how easy it is to injure their eyes.
Once again Lucky wants to say THANK YOU. Currently all his medical has been paid for. THANKS to YOU...for the wonderful support, many were previous adopters, others strangers, who came upon Lucky, and wanted to help him...I and my rescue, cannot begin to tell you our appreciation. If any donation comes in now, it will be used to help our other fosters in our care.

Feb. 24/09: As mentioned, darling Lucky has a secret...he has been adopted, if I could have handpicked a family, I don't know if I could have found someone as great as his new home. The angels sent these people to this boy. He now lives in Medino, WA with two wonderful people, Linda and Michael..beautiful people who opened up their hearts to this boy. He has two sister Shih Tzus, a stay at home Mom, who loves to take her "kids" everywhere...Lucky who is now named "Harry" since he was not lucky at all, till he came into my rescue and into their home. I miss this wonderful boy, who came into my life, and showed me once again, why I do what I do. He will always be in my heart. And now he is in Linda's heart and walking right into their souls

February 25th, 2009, 04:40 PM
Congrats!!! Way to go Harry!:dog:

February 25th, 2009, 07:58 PM
What a wonderful ending to Lucky's aka Harry's story! Or should I say 'beginning'? :cloud9:

:goodvibes: for a great life for you, Harry!