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Egyptian Mau

August 4th, 2004, 12:06 AM
Hi everyone i'm not planning on getting a cat for a long while but i wanted to get some info on Egyptian Maus. they are by far the most beatiful cats i have ever seen. i perticularly like the silver ones. I heard that they are extreamly friendly with their family but are not fond of people outside of the family. i would actully prefer a cat like this but wanted to see if maybe someone who has or had one would be able to tell me more about their personalities. i have read a lot about them but just wanted some first hand accounts. also i was wondering if anyone knows of any rescues for this breed. thanks in advance for the information.

January 5th, 2008, 10:10 PM
I found out through watching a UTube video (I think it was called mean little kittie or something liek that) that my cat I adopted from the shelter is most likely from the Egyptian Mau line. I thought he was a common trabby, but noticed he was a unique cat in many ways. His front legs are shorter than the back and he has spots mixed in with his stripes, especially on his back.

The most delightfull thing about him is his wonderfull personality. He is very playful and very smart. And he does Clint Eastwood impersonations (squinting his eyes and smells and sounds he does not like!)

There is a lot of info out there on these cats and tons of pictures. I will see if I can find the UTube video again and post a link and I will post a couple of pics of my kitty....

as soon as I have time to resize. I just previewed and the images are WAY too big for the forum. Will get back to it later.