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Puppy shakes kitten

August 3rd, 2004, 07:05 PM
My puppy Misty is a 6 month old husky-terrier mix. Up until now she and our kitten Rusty who is five months old have been playing together well and they look forward to seeing each other everyday. However, yesterday Misty picked up Rusty by the scruff of the neck and started shaking him. :( That was scary and we don't that to see happen again. What can we do ? (besides saying no and seperating the two . ) :eek:

Lucky Rescue
August 3rd, 2004, 09:07 PM
If you don't want to say "no" and separate them, then I have no answer.

Many cats have been killed by the family dog in what started as play. Then the dog's prey drive kicks in and they don't when to stop. This is particularly true with kittens, whose quick and erratic movements stimulate prey drive in dogs.

Huskies and terriers are, in general, not good with cats. You must teach your puppy to "Leave it" or "Enough" or "Easy" or whatever word you wish. You have to supervise them when are together. Leave the puppy's leash on. If he even starts to get rough, you have to correct him and use the command. If he doesn't listen, then give him a little time out. When he learns, and stops when you tell him to, give him a treat and praise.

Kittens can be seriously injured or killed by being shaken. Never leave them alone together, and watch them closely when they are.