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Aaargh!PEOPLE! (rant-feel free to ignore)

February 19th, 2009, 05:19 AM
I have had two run-ins wiht careless thoughtless people who wren't paying attention in the past two days. The first nearly got my mom and I seriously hurt at the best, and possibly dead at worst. The second thoughtless person scared our puppy so badly last night that the next time she went out she at first wouln't leave the porch to do her business (I think Dad ended up carrying her off the porch) and then, when she had got over her fear of actually leaving the porch (possibly because she really needed to go this time) she was sent scurrying back up for safety at hearing a neighbour cough. This is the puppy who up until now has attempted to pull me over to any strange person or dog in an attempt to say hello, RAN to what she considered safety. :wall::wall::wall:
I'm not mad at the puppy, she is actually pretty brave (after she reached our porch she turned around, sat, and watched and then ran down to watch some more as the neighbour disappeared.) I'm just annoyed with people who are so intent on doing what they want when they want, that they cause inconvenience at best, and serious danger at worst for others. Especially when even a little bit of thought would tell them not to do what they are doing.
Sorry this has gone longer than I intended. If you read, through, thanks, I needed to vent.

February 19th, 2009, 08:25 AM
I could go on forever about inconsiderate people...God knows there are enough of them now days!!!

I am not sure what needs to happen to get people's heads out of their butts and get them to think of others and of consequences...of course, people also have to re-introduce consequences :rolleyes: