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Introduction of dog to new Mom cat

February 18th, 2009, 02:42 PM
I recently rescued a pregnant Mom from my local animal shelter through the rescue organization I foster for. She had her kittens last Friday and after an accidental meeting with my dog, it is obvious it will be a while before I can reintroduce them (they did meet before she had the kittens and was absolutely fine) I was just wondering if you had any suggestions as to how and when I should test the waters again. Eventually I am hoping they will be friends again but I realize it is just her protecting her little ones - she is a lovely cat and I am hoping to find her a good home but obviously she will be with me for the next few months raising her kittens. I feel bad that she has to stay in the spare room right now because she seems to really want out but she will have to stay put for a while until I can safely reintroduce them. I want to ensure that I am introducing them in a way that will avoid traumatizing her and my dog (the run in really spooked him). Is there a certain age for the kittens to be where she may relax a bit? Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated!!

February 19th, 2009, 11:54 AM
Awwww baby kittens :cloud9: :lovestruck:. How many did she have? Any pics you can post?

This will really depend on the new momma. If you want to play it safe, then no intros until the babies are gone, otherwise, I would have your dog on a leash, sitting and have a small intro in a room that is away from the kitten nursery. Do not allow your dog to go to the momma, but have the momma go to your dog. This way the meeting is on her terms (and you know kitties, everything has to be on their terms :rolleyes: :D).

If the meeting does not go well, then I would crate or lock up your dog so the momma can get a break from her kittens. If you are not planning to keep the momma, there is really no need to stress her any more than, looking after kittens is enough. If the first meeting goes well, then the second you could try giving your dog a bit more freedom to start walking towards the momma.

I would NOT allow the dog into the kitten nursery and would not allow the kittens to roam the house if the dog is not secured. An innocent play by the dog may be interpreted to be a threat by the momma. Not sure if you have experienced a protective momma cat, but they can be viscous in their attacks.

Good luck.

February 19th, 2009, 06:48 PM
Thanks for the advice :) I have actually been closing my dog in my bedroom periodically so that the mom can have some time to roam the house and it does seem to calm her. I was considering my next step being putting a gate so that he can't go upstairs at all (which is where the kittens are) and then perhaps allowing her to wander downstairs away from her kittens to see how that goes. I think I will wait a week or two though as the last thing I want to do is stress her (or my dog) I also have an XL dog grate that I may move the kittens and Mom into in a week so that she can see my dog through the bars and get used to him that way. I feel bad putting her in a crate but it is huge and I think it will help her & the kitens used to all the smells and sounds of my house in the safety of the crate - I will continue to let her roam the house for a bit each day. She had five kittens and so far they are all doing well - she seems to be a very good mom. I will definitely post pics soon as they are getting cuter by the day!