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February Weight Loss Check in

February 17th, 2009, 12:42 PM
Hey there!

Long time no post - and I see that all of my fellow losers haven't been posting their progress for this month! (unless I just couldn't find it - totally possible)

Here's where I stand.. I've surpassed two of my weight loss 'goals'.. I started last May at 154lbs (I'm 5'2"). I was orignally aiming for 120lbs.. passed that.. Then 115lbs.. passed that too! :eek:

As of last Friday, I'm sitting at 110lbs! I can't really believe it - I stared at the scale for a good minute or so until the number sank in..

I bought my wedding dress off the rack last August. Two weeks ago I took it back, and they swapped it out two dress sizes smaller, and it STILL has to be taken in (but they told me to wait until the month before the wedding in case I lose anymore). The alterations lady was shocked - she said everyone says they're going to lose, but most people don't.. she started telling everyone in the store about how I dropped two sizes :o

I've ALMOST lost my belly - the bane of my existance - and then I'm off bikini shopping for the honeymoon!

I just want to thank you guys here for all the support last year.. I couldn't have done it without you.. :grouphug:

Now I just have to figure how to do maintenance.. I know how to gain, and I know how to lose, I just don't know how to do in between! :rolleyes:

How's everyone else?

(btw. the long weekend wasn't a good one - I was eating really poorly, so I'm trying to pretend it didn't happen :laughing:)