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The Joys of Spring....aka Dirty Dog!

February 16th, 2009, 02:26 PM
After neglecting our walks, I thought it would be a great day to take Buster out to check out the neighbourhood....the roads look dry, the sun is shining, seems like a perfect walk day.....

So can someone tell me HOW he got so dirty, walking on dry roads :laughing:

Good thing next Saturday is grooming day!

February 16th, 2009, 02:52 PM
Muddy puppy.they always seem so happy when they are muddy.mine does anyway.

February 16th, 2009, 04:04 PM
He is adorable no matter how he got dirty! :cloud9:
I can't believe you guys still have so much snow! :eek:

February 17th, 2009, 10:37 AM
LOL, that snow looks white, so how indeed did he get so muddy?

February 17th, 2009, 12:13 PM
LOL...thats funny, I was wondering the same thing, as I had to give Sparky a bath on Sunday, after a nice walk...He was black and brown and very icky...Now, he is back to white flooooooooofiness...LOL
Must be the melting snow...:laughing:

February 19th, 2009, 08:55 PM
Hehe, lets see you keep you belly clean when you are that close to the ground :laughing:. Buster looks adorable :cloud9:.

February 19th, 2009, 09:55 PM
There's something about belly fur that is just naturally attractive to road dirt :shrug: Even our dogs, who are somewhat taller than Buster, have the problem. But Buster looks really cute in mud :flirt: