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English Bulldog with allergies

Al Dente
February 9th, 2009, 05:07 PM
I'm starting my 2 year old boy on Raw. He's allergic to a lot, (pork, turkey, rabbit), but fine with beef, venison, duck, and chicken. I started giving him raw beef and venison, and he was fine, so I decided to try some heart. He began to scratch his muzzle. I thought it was just conicidence. I purchased from NV Raw Beef in tube form and began to supplement his kibble with it. He scratched again, and continues to do so. Could he be allergic to organs or is he detoxing? I began giving NV Organic Chicken today, and the scratching is less. Any thoughts or adive is greatly appreciated.

All the best, Al.

February 10th, 2009, 08:51 AM
Good luck, it's the worst thing to try and solve. I think it may be your kibble. Try feeding one food source for 12 wks at a time. No mixing, no treats. I fed raw food and my dog was starving so watch his weight. I have a boston terrier and still trying to figure it out. No luck so far. There is a drug called Atopica, if you rule out food allergy it is very good, but expensive. My dog was unfortunately sick on it.

February 10th, 2009, 08:58 AM
Generally, when you're dealing with allergies, you want to take the approach of an "elimination diet". Start feeding food from a single protein source. If chicken is ok, then feed only chicken meat and organs. Do that for a few weeks. Monitor for signs of itching. If none, than you can try adding a new source of protein, beef for example. You may want to try only meat or only organ of the new protein source. If you notice signs of itching or skin irritation, scratch that novel protein off the list. It can take a few weeks for a new food to either show signs of allergic reaction AND to clear up after it's been introduced, so I'd personally be weary of signs that appear/disappear overnight.

As for weight, a dog shouldn't necessarily lose weight on raw (or any food for that matter). You must monitor the dogs' body condition regularly (use eyes and hands to see/feel) and adjust the food accordingly. Generally dogs need 1.5-3% of their body weight a day. We have one dog who needs no more than the 1.5 or she gets pudgy and another who requires at least the full 3% to maintain her weight.

March 2nd, 2009, 05:16 PM
Hi Al Dente-

I have two Bulldogs (they're the best arent they??!!) and they have been on raw for almost 2 years now. Luckily, neither of them are allergic to anything. I did notice when we switched Oxford to raw, she was doing a lot of hacking for the first week, but it has never returned. I was also told never to mix the raw with kibble. You should feed one meal raw and another just kibble if you are trying to do a gradual switch to completely raw. I buy from the grocery, basically anything that is on sale but make sure to mix it up. Chicken, beef, rabbit, etc... My vet tells me that they are some of the healthiest bulldogs he has ever seen. Good luck to you!!