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February 8th, 2009, 06:15 PM
Im new to this forum,
over the past 30yrs, we have had 2 wonderful souls that are at rainbow bridge, laddie came to us in 1978 april, he was from the RSPCA animal shelter, he cost 5-00 then.
he has a little red cat lead we still have it hanging up today over the mantlepiece.
laddie was only 3 wks old and he was a collie X lab he passed over to the other life on easter satuday april 22nd the day after good friday 1994.
the following christmas came the eve and dougal our beloved little terrier turn up at the door he was resqued from being put to sleep and other peoples abuse.
he was starving and beaten about his head, dougal had slept on my bed for 14+yrs, he was 2 yrs old when he turned up at the door.
dougal formaly called dougalchops has passed over to the world of spirit where our beloved laddie is, they will all reunight.
it was a fight to save him that day laddie had a great life but dougi had been abused.
I would go through it again for any animal that deserves a home and is unwanted. I cannot replace them for they both walked my steps through my life.
the lanes streched out those golden yrs we spent with these 2 adorable animals
laddie had been cremated at the pdsa nottingham and dougals buried in our back garden with his toy, we only had a cardboard box that day available, but did not expect such a shock.
I expect that thats apart of life , we all loose from time to time.
here on some photos of laddie and dougal.
yours wendy205

February 8th, 2009, 07:23 PM
Both your boys were gorgeous, Wendy!

Welcome to the board!