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The kitties have met !! woohoo ! no blood !

February 8th, 2009, 10:43 AM
All 4 kitties have met ! I let Monsieur and Paddy in the sun room , even a bit of Chloe .... I think Puce and Coco are so put off by the dogs that , they didn't mind meeting the cats , like : as long as you don't let Nelly in :p Coco went to lay down near the door. Both Paddy and Monsieur approached her, I thought she was going to bit** slap Monsieur but instead , they kissed !!! He keeps going back to her :lovestruck: and she just let's him ! So I think I may have a couple :lovestruck: And before long , Paddy and Puce will be playing like kittens ... what a nice bunch ! Pics suck a bit because of the sun :cool:

1. Opening the door ... Puce wants to come out .... darn , there's a dog !
2. Chloe : I'm being good ma , I'm being good !
3. Paddy and Monsieur are in !!!

February 8th, 2009, 10:45 AM
1. Coco , unimpressed !
2. Chloe stretching :laughing:
3. Chloe supervising ...

February 8th, 2009, 10:46 AM
1. You can see that Puce is already .... comfy enough to wash himself beside Paddy :laughing:
2. Coco :lovestruck:

February 8th, 2009, 10:48 AM
Love it!!!! I am so glad the meeting went well. There will probably be a little b***ch slapping over the next few days but this is great!!! Badger did such a great job with Coco and Puce they are used to tons of kitties around. And you do a marvelous job at your place with lots of animals so they are used to new ones coming and going.
Dogs next.............

February 8th, 2009, 10:55 AM
ahh I wasn't quick enough for this one , Monsieur was smelling Coco and kissed her. :lovestruck: she kissed him back !

February 8th, 2009, 11:57 AM
Coco and Monsieur sitting in a tree, K - I - S - S - I - N - G! :laughing: How cute!

That's so wonderful they have met. It sounds like allowing them to see each other through the door helped. I think it did when I had Czari in the kitchen alone.

Hopefully the meeting with the dogs will go just as smoothly.

February 8th, 2009, 02:40 PM
Kissing already! That Coco moves fast! :laughing:

Looks like it's going really well :cloud9: Was Chloe actually supervising from the same room? They'll get used to Nelly soon enough... I wish the Pack could learn a thing or two about cats from your dogs. :o

February 8th, 2009, 03:00 PM
Coco and Monsieur sitting in a tree, K - I - S - S - I - N - G! :laughing: How cute!

Hopefully the meeting with the dogs will go just as smoothly.

:laughing: you know I was thinking the exact same thing... it just popped into my head when I read the first post!

Can't wait to see what happens with Nelly! :D

February 8th, 2009, 03:43 PM
That is great all are doing so well. Will not be long before they all get along, cats and dogs

February 8th, 2009, 04:08 PM
Frenchy,that's unbelievable:thumbs up
But I think Badger had a lot to do with it,they are used to different cats.
Not selfish like my guys....maybe if I had a CoCo...naaah:sad:
Chloe looks adorable,got the best traits of Cocker/Golden:lovestruck:
CoCo is such a beautiful girl,Puce and Paddy will get along great,I can see that:thumbs up
Badger must be so happy they ended up in a wonderful home!
Wonder if she has brought in the little guy yet??

February 8th, 2009, 04:14 PM
Ohhhhh frenchy has some lovin going on at home.kitty love that is.and a very cute Chloe to supervise it all.

February 8th, 2009, 07:08 PM
Was Chloe actually supervising from the same room?

Yes , and she was a good girl and stayed on top of the stairs :thumbs up

Can't wait to see what happens with Nelly! :D

:eek: something did happened .... and it's my fault ! I took out the screen so Paddy and Monsieur could come and go to the other side of the house. I forgot to put the screen back on , and went outside with the dogs. I guess Puce decided to visit the house. We came back in , I had to go in the front lawn for something , on my way back , I heard Nelly screaming bloody murder. Like she was caught on something back in to see her running to the dining room. Went to check her out , she had 1-2 scratches around her neck .. nothing big. The screaming was from fear more than pain ! Coco was still on her chair , but I couldn't find Puce , finally did , he was in the guest bedroom closet. I left him there for a while and then put him back in the sun room. He's ok , but omg ... hearing Nelly scream like that , like she was being attack by a bear or something :rolleyes: :laughing:

I think what happened was , Puce heard the dogs and went hiding under the bed. Nelly always goes to that room to look at where I'm at .... I saw her Cuz near the bed , so I figured she went to pick it up and Puce freaked out , and attacked Nelly.

February 8th, 2009, 07:22 PM
Poor Puce and Nelly. At least Nelly didn't get too hurt, and I'm sure Puce will be okay too.

February 8th, 2009, 07:50 PM
Aw, poor Nelly and Puce! A rocky beginning...but now that Puce knows he can repel that big tortie, maybe he'll be more confident around her :fingerscr Nelly is probably never going to trust going into that room again without checking for the monster under the bed first! :o

That's pretty cool that Puce was brave enough to go exploring in the house! :thumbs up

All the trauma and all the screaming...and Coco was still on her chair? :o :laughing: She's got cattitude for sure! :cat:

February 8th, 2009, 08:01 PM
All the trauma and all the screaming...and Coco was still on her chair? :o :laughing: She's got cattitude for sure! :cat:

LOL, Hazel, I could just hear the wheels spinning in her brains. All that screaming going on, and she probably just raised her head and though "I don't care who's bleeding, I ain't moving."

February 8th, 2009, 08:06 PM
Wow, such great pictures Frenchy.

See, I thought the cats would be the difficult intro and the dogs would be uneventful...guess Nelly would like to correct me on that one :p

Hope that the cats continue to get along and that the next dog intro is more successful :fingerscr

All your menagerie is gorgeous :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:

February 8th, 2009, 08:24 PM
That poor Nelly getting attack by a cat.She just might be scared of Puce now or not trusting of him and be more carefull and the screaming Nelly did most likely scared Puce real good too.hopefully with more time they will become friends.

February 8th, 2009, 08:32 PM
Awww, poor Nelly. She needs some extra lovin' tonight from mommy. Puce has probably forgotten about it already.

February 8th, 2009, 08:49 PM
I love the Chloe supervising pictures. So sweet of her to protect her kitties from the Newbies :laughing::laughing:

February 8th, 2009, 10:35 PM
Great pics Frenchy :thumbs up sounds like everything went great :highfive: minor bump in the road for Puce & Nelly but they'll both get over it - look how well M Le Chat & Paddy have been with each other since their first intros :D

February 8th, 2009, 11:46 PM
Great pictures Frenchy :lovestruck:. The kitties are looking wonderful and they should all be fast friends in no time :cloud9:.

February 9th, 2009, 06:59 AM
Wahoo I am so happy for you Frenchy! Awww M. le Chat and Coco :lovestruck: :cloud9:

February 9th, 2009, 07:28 AM
Frenchy,when Rocky was on top of Bailey,Bailey screamed soo loud,I am sure you heard it in Quebec:laughing:
Bailey did not have one scratch,unlike me:sad:
Poor Nelly though,hope she'll recover and must have been terrified hearing her scream:yell:

Jim Hall
February 9th, 2009, 08:18 AM
poor nelly thats was a suprise

well nell sill thinks its dog if she is smart she figured it out

February 9th, 2009, 08:39 AM
Oh poor Nelly! Puce had a difficult childhood, left to fend for himself, didn't get no manners.
I hope you're not too worn out keeping your eye on seven children under two, sometimes way under :laughing: Maybe you should have taken the cats one at a time. But that would have just created a different dynamic, with its own setbacks.
Coco never ceases to amaze me.
:thumbs up Frenchy!