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crate training question ;)

February 8th, 2009, 08:38 AM
Hey I was just curious about something

For those who crate trained, how long of "silence and calm" do you wait before getting the pup outside the crate.

I know that it`s good to use the crate during the day when your around so the dog can get used to it and being "ignored" making the housebreaking and all that.

Suni is being taught that its not the end of the world to be alone in the crate even if someone is around, or not, for a couple of minutes, up to 2-3 hours. She cries (as expected) then eventually she calms down after 10-15 minutes, we wait 1-2 minutes that she calms down and does something else than crying, to open the crate. Eventually she'll learn that being alone in the crate, while we're in another room, is also not the end of the world. At least that's my goal.

The former foster didn't really crate train her other than at night, so she really sees the crate as a the gate from hell -_-; So its now my job to help her out on that one.
A lot of encouragement and a yummy filled kong in it, she went on her own and now lays down. :)

Titus is being very nice with her, to my big surprise, he wanted to play rough a bit for a while, but quickly learned that it was not the way to go.

February 8th, 2009, 09:12 AM
When i crate trained if jag was getting too hyper in the house i would put him in for a settle down soon as he settled down i would wait a minute or 2 and walk to the crate if he stayed calm and sat and waited even after the door was open i would let him out.if he started to get excited i would just walk away until he calmed down again.weither it was to sit down or leave the room.i taught jag that it was his bed/rest/calm place.the door is always open so he can go in at anytime.we are doing the same thing with the foster pup.

We also after awhile would send him to the crate for a settle down time with out even closing the door.but was told to stay if he would start coming out he was sent back in.once he was calm sitting or lying down he was aloud out.

His crate door is seldom closed with him in it know unless we go out.he has a habit of getting into things.