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Is there a dog food that actually tastes good?

February 7th, 2009, 11:18 PM
Short story:

So is there a brand that includes actual chunks of meat and offal and veggies in their food? or do all companies just load up on rice and potatoes and mash everything together into a tasteless goo?

Long story:

My puppy at has been having raw food for a few weeks now. Just to start off, I've given him Urban Carnivore patties. He does very well on their elk patties, so so on beef. But he absolutely does not tolerate raw chicken or raw lamb (lamb ribs i bought at the store). To be honest now I'm afraid to experiment with other meats now because once his system gets upset, its 2-3 days of lethargy and no eating. Maybe you guys can give me some input about the raw food if you've had similar experiences... I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, it is quite scary and I don't like putting him through all that misery just so i can figure out what foods he can tolerate. I know that he can't live his life just on beef and elk, so until I figure this out, for now, I'd like to just give him home cooked or wet food. He will eat anything if its in actual chunks/cuts, but he will not touch the extruded stuff in the canned food.

He loves the chicken chunks in Merrick's Smothered Comfort/wingalings but he doesn't eat the extruded stuff. To be fair, i've tried them, they taste absolutely nasty, i'd rather eat dirt! I have tried waiting it out until he gets really hungry (he is an active little guy, its not hard for him to build an appetite), I've tried sprinkling cheese on it, still no go. So is there a brand that includes actual chunks of meat and offal and veggies in their food? or do all companies just load up on rice and potatoes and mash everything together into a tasteless goo?

February 8th, 2009, 06:37 AM
I've never tried raw with my guys, but they too were extremely picky about canned. I discovered they really loved the evangers beef just because it was chunks of real meat.
I now cook pure beef patties, that I buy already formed in the meat section at Costco, and I buy the 4 packs of ground turkey at Costco and form them into patties and have a cook fest every Sunday and freeze them to use during the week. One night they get their kibble (kirkland mixed with orijen, solid gold or natures variety instinct), plus a beef patty (each), broken up into chunks, a raw egg and grated cheese with 4 glubs of low sodium beef broth, (also bought at costco). They wipe it out. Next night they get their kibble mixed with a broken up turkey patty, a raw egg, 4 glubs of low sodium chicken broth, topped with a can of sardines (split between the two of them), which I also buy at Costco. The sardines are packed in soya oil.
If I happen to have some homemade pasta I may toss it with some cheese and add it to their food once in a while, or if I have some homemade french fries, I made break up some and add that for a treat too along with leftover veggies like peas or green beans once in a while.
I will also cook chicken thighs with the skin on, after cooked remove the bones and break it up, and the odd pot roast for them and shred it and mix that in with their kibble and raw egg too.
All the meat they get is stuff I would buy for us at Costco, so I know what it is.
Works for me, they wipe out their dinners every night now.


February 8th, 2009, 06:59 PM
I don't have Scruff on a raw diet,but do offer him raw chunks of today's dinner, whatever that might be.
Long before I realized he was allergic to chicken, I'd give him raw chunks and he turned his nose up at them. He'd devour any other meat raw.
Maybe chicken just doesn't taste good to dogs.
If he likes elk, give him elk. Why not? It's natural (raised without hormones and drugs) and imho it's delicious!

February 9th, 2009, 09:19 AM
My guys eat raw chicken about 70% of the time, they seem to enjoy it :shrug: But if the OPs dog is having a hard time with poultry, there really is no point in trying to get him to eat it, he could legitimately have an allergy to it. If beef and elk are working, you could try some other "novel" protein sources. Maybe rabbit or lamb? I know nature's variety makes both in medallions.