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I can't wait for Spring...

February 2nd, 2009, 05:23 AM
Although the weather has been really nice here lately, I still can't wait for Spring to arrive. Time for the snow to go and for flowers to bloom!

Pics I took in Banff last summer..

I can't wait to plant flowers this Spring...

February 2nd, 2009, 09:40 AM
Oh wow great pics! Were they taken at your house or somewhere else?

I ask because those orange lilies? I have some as well. And the lilies in the pic, well some are immature. Not a bad thing, just noticing is all. Because in a couple of years, each single stalk will have between 10-15 flowers each. Now that will be one heck of a lily show. :cloud9:

I like these because they have fuzzy buds before opening.

We have over 150 bulbs of various types of lilies. They are easy to multiply via bulb scale cloning techniques. i.e. rip off a few whole scales from the bulb, put into damp peat in a bag and wait for the scales to produce 5-8 miniature baby bulbs per scale, then pot up. 3 yrs to bloom, and first year 1 flower. 2nd year 3 flowers, etc. Scale propagation is a natural tendency in the bulb itself, for protection against critters eating the bulb and leaving behind bits which will survive. Lilies from the papery seed will germinate and look like grass, so be careful weeding. Sometimes when growing lilies the bees and stuff will pollinate and create new hybrids for ya!

Nice Cosmos! Good annual.

I really want some blue Delphiniums this year. Anyone in Canada have seeds they collected from theirs? I traded for some two summers ago but got bum seeds and none germinated.

Another must-have for my want list this year is Eryngium - Sea Holly. I don't know why this plant isn't more popular. I can't find anyone in Canada that has it on trade lists, except for E. agavafolium, which is a silver version with leaves that look like a type of aloe but I don't want that. Tried on GardenWeb and Dave's Garden... no luck. Sea Holly is so amazing and will fill in color gaps between Iris and Lilies. Good dry flower, for arranging/decorating. Hardy and can withstand salt spray from ocean.

Yes I know Veseys is selling Eryngium this year. I just got a new live plant catalog from them in the mail the other day and saw it listed on page 44. But has anyone ordered live plants/roots from Veseys before? Roots are soo tiny and small, most die and you'll just have to ask for a refund, which they give no problem. (Should have seen the state a lilac bush arrived, so sad) But still, why send out tiny roots. I'll never order live plants from them again. But they have great seeds.

February 2nd, 2009, 09:54 AM
I can't wait for spring either, I love going around the garden looking for little nubbies poking through the soil :D

CearsQC - you always have such beautiful gardens :cloud9: I don't remember you posting any pics of them last summer :sad: I too like the Sea Holly, but doesn't it have prickles that are mean?

My g/f and I ordered live plants from Vesey's a few years back, totally unimpressed, but they did replace them with no difficulty whatsoever :thumbs up We vowed never to do it again, the replacements were not much better :frustrated:

February 2nd, 2009, 10:02 AM
CearaQC, no the plants in my first post were just a few of the ones I took out in Banff at Cascade Gardens.
I didn't plant anything last year, because I didn't have extra time to commit to the upkeep, but this year I'm going to make the time.

Your gardens are absolutely stunning, I wish I had your green thumb!
Please post lots of your gardens this year, I know mine will never look that wonderful.