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Herbal remedies or meds to alleviate stress (dog does not board well)?

January 13th, 2009, 12:09 PM

I will have to put my Aussie in a kennel soon for a weekend, and a little bit later this winter, for one week. But here's the thing: She's an anxious/nervous/submissive dog (although a lot better than when I first got her last summer) and her last kennel-stay (her first since in my care) really stressed her out. She got major diarrhea the second night of her 3 days/2 nights stay at this one kennel. At first, I was wondering if she had caught a virus or something. Since her bowls functions were not getting back to normal after a few days (read: could not wait to go outside to do her business at times), I had my vet analyze a stool sample. Everything was fine. So she was put on a special diet and on some black paste thing and slowly, things got back to normal.

But I want to avoid this from happening again at all costs. Not fun!

The kennel she stayed at the first time is particular in a sense that dogs are loose all day - either inside or outside - separated in different groups when temperaments warrant it. What I thought was a wonderful concept initially - not in a cage/kennel for most of a given day - may not be ideal for MY dog. Since she's submissive, more outgoing and confident dogs are always on top of her, wanting to play and what not. Note that I had taken her there on 2 separate occasions (not overnight) in order for her to get accustomed to the place before I left her for the weekend.

I'll try another kennel I know in my area which keeps dogs in 3'x5' kennels, and gives them 4 outside play time of 1/2 hour each everyday. This may be better suited for my pup. Iíll also bring her there a couple of times just for daycare, in hopes sheíll feel more at ease when Iíll leave her for overnight stays later on.

I know there are herbal remedies or meds out there that could help ease her stress. I was wondering if any of you had used some and which ones you would recommend?

Sorry for the long post! :rolleyes: Please feel free to give me any insight you might have on my situation!

Thanks in advance!