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This is one reason why.....

January 12th, 2009, 12:32 AM
so many people here are aggitated with breeding questions. Pulled this guys storey off petfinder..

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS AD FOR ADOPTION. WE JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS LITTLE BOY'S STORY. I hope many of you will read this story who are considering buying from a breeder or pet store. 01-27-07: This beautiful boy is Gizmo. Gizmo is completely disabled. 2 vets have recommended euthanizing him, but he has such a will to live, we are hoping his new rescuer will be able to provide him with some type of advanced vet care and give him hope for the future. Gizmo's legs are severely deformed and he has no use of them at all. He cannot run, play, walk or even stand. This precious boy has to be hand fed and hand watered. He has to wear a diaper and be bathed everyday due to the fact he urinates on himself and has no control of his bladder. He weighs less than 2 lbs and is very underweight. He has no muscle tone in his body due to the fact he cannot move. Dispite his deformity, he has a strong will to live and love. He loves being craddled and will cry when he wants attention or is hungry or thirsty. All he wanted was to be loved.....but instead, he was discarded. This boy is the result of an unresponsible back-yard breeder. Someone trying to profit at the expense of these poor animals. These back-yard breeders sell these babies to pet stores where the consumers purchase them thinking they are getting a healthy family pet. Many of these dogs are in-bred, and have health issues or deformities that show up later in life. Back-yard breeders are living well at the expense of these animals who are discarded after they can no longer produce any puppies. This is TAX-FREE money to the breeders, so if you are considering purchasing from a breeder or pet store, please remember little Gizmo, and his story. UPDATE 2-10-07: Gizmo went to PA today! He had a wonderful offer from a veteranarian there who is willing to work with this boy. She is going to try some pyhsical therapy, and possibly a splint on his front leg in hopes of straightening it up so he can possibly get a wheelchair. It seems this boy has won a lot of hearts without ever meeting anyone. Despite this baby's condition, he continues to fight for his life and winning over each and every heart he touches. Gizmo's will seems to grow stronger with each passing day. We have had a lot of inquires on this special we will continue to keep everyone updated on his condition. UPDATE: 2-24-07: tragically, we learned our little Gizmo lost his battle to live. For those of you who were lucky enough to meet this boy, I know you have tears in your eyes as I do. We have cried for days over his loss. This boy was our 'child' for 2 weeks, and we completely devoted our lives to him. It is amazing what an impact he had on us in such a short time. He was very special and won over the hearts of everyone he met! He had done well when he first arrived in pa, but soon thereafter, he started deteriorating, and past away a few days ago. The vet determined that poor gizmo had a lung disease which was likely a birth defect that claimed his precious life. The wonderful vet who tried to save gizmo buried him on her farm, so he is now in doggie heaven and I am sure he is running and playing (as he always wanted to do) with the other puppies at the rainbow bridge...and is free of his crippling little please say a prayer tonight for Gizmo, and all the other souls who do not survive to ever know love or human kindness. This poor boy was a 'throw away' by his breeder because no money could be made on him due to his deformity. They had no reguard for his precious life....but for us, the tragedy of loosing Gizmo has changed our lives....and this boy will NEVER be forgotten. We hope the death of Gizmo will make people reconsider when purchasing from a breeder or pet store...PLEASE RESCUE OR ADOPT!! Thanks to those speical people for your devotion to animals like our precious Gizmo.


January 12th, 2009, 01:29 AM
:sad: :sad:


January 12th, 2009, 07:43 AM

:rip: Gizmo.

January 12th, 2009, 08:08 AM
Thank you for sharing this story. It thread has been added to the thread on breeding issues. I am sure if people take the time to read it the impact will be huge. :grouphug: Thank you.
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