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Is there a solution to a fighting problem?

July 29th, 2004, 08:33 PM
Cactus Flower suggested that I post my problem here. I have copied it and will paste it.

Fighting can get nasty. We have wonderful dogs that just can't get along. We have had a poodle schnauzer mix (about 10 pounds) for about 7 years. Recently we adopted a 10-12 month old wire haired tarrier mix (about 45 pounds). Both are female. The little dog believes itself to be dominant despite the fact that she has been shown otherwise by the bigger dog three times.

Now that's enough--because when she is shown by the bigger dog, the bigger dog has every intention of ending her life beyond a doubt. If I do not pull her off--she has no intention of stopping. It's quite nerve racking. This stuff about them fighting it out is not what I have noticed. This little dog has not only been shown by our recent (still puppy) but by two other dogs that attacked her, whom had been dropped off on our land. (We live in the country--it happens regularly.) Also, an earlier much bigger dog (about 65 lbs) we sent to the pound after she too became determined to kill our small but determined to be dominant long time pet.

We have decided that a large dog is simply out of the question here. If someone has a good idea other than that, please let me know, as the young but bigger dog is one of the most expressive and sweet dogs I have ever known, and I hate to give her up, but otherwise if you know of someone that would love her and provide for her near the Lubbock, Texas area also let me know. We need to find her a new home soon. It's almost impossible for us to keep them seperate all day long. :(

Lucky Rescue
July 29th, 2004, 09:02 PM
I'm sorry I don't quite understand which dog needs to be rehomed? Is the wire haired terrier?

Bitches often fight more fiercely than males, and size has nothing to do with who is dominant. Also, terriers certainly can be dog aggressive. As you've seen, this can have serious consequences for the smaller dog. I certainly do not recommend letting them fight it out.

I suggest you make up posters with your dog's pic, all of her good qualities, or cute mannerisms and plaster it up in vet's offices, petstores, etc.

Carefully screen anyone who is interested. Contact any local all-breed rescues and ask if they will put this dog on any Petfinder sites they may have and if you can bring to her adoption events.

If you do want a big dog, I suggest a male.

July 30th, 2004, 08:41 PM
Yes it is the wire haired terrier that we need to find a new home for. She is friendly, but the small dog gets on her case a lot, and refuses to be in a playful mode with her. She's more like a little police dog--trying to tell the bigger dog how to be all the time.
How is it that size has nothing to do with dominance? I would like to know more about that--what does have to do with dominance?

July 30th, 2004, 08:49 PM
Just one question how long have you had the adopted dog? And second how did you introduced them too each other?

Lucky Rescue
July 30th, 2004, 08:58 PM
Who is dominant depends on the individual dog's personality. Some are alpha and some are beta. This is the case with all dogs.

The problem comes when a small dog is alpha and will not back down from a bigger dog, or when both dogs want to be dominant. Add to this the fact that this dog is a terrier - not known for quitting.This can lead to very serious fighting.

the bigger dog has every intention of ending her life beyond a doubt

I believe you and this could very easily happen, and does happen.:(

It shouldn't be too difficult to rehome the fox terrier. They are pretty popular - just make sure she goes to a home with no other female dogs. A submissive male would be the best companion for her.

July 30th, 2004, 09:44 PM
Thanks for your help LuckyRescue. We will get her another home.

And to Rebel (I forget the rest of your name). The terrier was also a drop off dog on our land. She was about a 5-6 month puppy when she was dropped off. And she was dropped off with 2 other females--all apparently related. It was the two older females that attacked our little dog who is around 7 years old now. So it was in an outdoor setting with other dogs around as well as our male dachsund. And it was on a gradual basis that the three dogs came to our yard and begin to make themselves at home.