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I'm the midnight snack

January 9th, 2009, 02:54 PM

We have two cats, Quills who is almost 2, and K-T, who will be one in May. They get along fabulously and are wonderful and loving towards everyone, so much so that we are confidently adding a pup soon.

K-T sits all day purring, playing, giving nose kisses, etc. There's just one problem. Every night, around 3 am, she bites me. Only me. Has never nipped at Quills, visiting dogs, my six yr old twins. And I mean a good bite, hard enough to wake me up. I thought that I had solved the problem by wearing long sleeved pj's and hiding my arm under the covers, but last night she discovered that she can crawl under the covers to bite me. My husband thinks its hilarious, only because he sleeps almost completely exposed without even a nibble.

The easy solution of closing the door has just led to me being woken up by scratching and meows. There's plenty of food, water, toys available all day and night. Am I just destined to be the midnight snack??

January 12th, 2009, 12:25 PM
Only if you want to be. It seems like a attention behaviour. Maybe she gives you nose kisses and head butts, but because you don't respond when asleep, she ups the ante by biting, and knows this wakes you up. I wouldn't put up with it. A good uninterrupted sleep is too important to one's health, and I've never allowed the cats to sleep with me at night, only for a siesta. Have a special room for them to go at night---a laundry room or spare bedroom, where they are given their evening meal or a snack, have water, litter box, and cat bed to sleep on. It should be in a warm and draft-free room. They will soon accept that this is their routine where they go at night. That's what I'd do.