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Just introduced my cat to raw tonight

January 6th, 2009, 08:25 PM
I read a few other posts on ppl and their animals and raw, but everyone will have a diff situation, so please don't respond with "read the other posts". Thanks! Here's my cat's whole life story. In my intro on the other thread, I posted that my Binnie is 9 mos old and I've had her since she was 3 1/2 mos. I've always fed her canned and dry, but after reading up on dry, started to feed her more canned. I've gotten high quality canned, AvoDerm and other brands but I try to stick with canned food that come in chunks of meat, since that's what she prefers over the mushed up food. She eats 2 3oz cans per day, morning/afternoon, and a handful of dry at night. AvoDerm is 100% meat and vitamins/supplements. I tried chunks of cut up raw chicken wing tonight to introduce her to it and she sniffed it, looked at me and ran away. I waited 10 hrs since she last ate this morning to make sure she had a good appetite. So she had breakfast, skipped lunch, and had the raw/canned for dinner. I eventually had to mix the raw with a can of AvoDerm chicken to get her to eat it. But I was very glad she ate it. She tried spitting out the raw and eating the canned only but I guess she eventually realized she was too hungry to waste food like that. I threw away the bones/skin/gristle/fat since she's def not use to those. I put them in her bowl but she didn't touch them. I'll try some more chunks of raw chicken wing tomorrow evening mixed with the canned chicken. I think she did a great job but this is my first experience. What do you all think about her performance? How can I get her to eat the bones/skin/gristle/fat? I plan on getting the frozen raw food from Taylor Pond Farms (they grind the animal and add NO supplements/vitamins, just the muscle meat/head/bones/organs) through and feeding poultry like chicken, turkey, cornish hens for the main meat. And rabbit, lamb, and beef for occasional. I don't plan on adding any supplements other than Fish Oil. She should get plenty of Taurine and other necessary vitamins/minerals from the poultry, I guess. I'm hoping that Armani (the boy I'm getting in Feb) will take to the raw as "easily?" as Binnie did.

January 6th, 2009, 10:29 PM
I think she's doing great, I have just started my 3 cats on raw a month ago and its been a very slow process. Two are 8 and one is 4. The older two are slowly coming around but the younger one will not have anything to do with raw. Mine won't touch raw chicken chunks, but if I grind they will. I think you have a great benefit with starting them so young.