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We've hit a milestone

December 28th, 2008, 07:04 PM

The reason I found this forum was searching for better food for the crew. In my introduction thread I got some really good advice from all of you, for my super duper finicky felines. I mentioned my 8 yo house house princess, thinking she would be the hardest to switch:laughing: I think I also mentioned my younger 3 yo one, being the easiest to switch:laughing:NOT.

My 8 yo Sara was by far the easiest!!! She's now eating raw chicken:D it only took a few weeks. Hunter the middle one who really is over weight has been very I mean VERY stubborn finally gave in today:thumbs up. He's gone from not eating the canned period to howling, to ripping a hole in the dog food bag, to eating around the raw chicken in his canned food, to EATING RAW CHICKEN, albeit I have to chop it into itty bitty pieces, but he's eating it:angel:I'm so excited about this can you tell:D

Well I have two down and one to go, my little brat cat saigo, who I thought would be the easiest :evil:is going to fight this tooth and nail, she will eat the canned but won't go near it if it has anything raw in it. Funny thing is when I got her she would climb right into the dog bowl and eat his spaghetti:wall: But then I put her on kibble, thinking that was better.

Anyway just wanted to share in my excitement with all of you. Oh and Zoro(lab) just loves his home cooked meals, you should see his ears perk up when I take my "special pot" out and put it on the stove:D

December 28th, 2008, 07:45 PM
Could a mod possibly move this, I didn't mean to post under recipes, general is probably more appropriate:)