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Invisible kitty

December 24th, 2008, 04:13 PM
Find the kitty:laughing:He was the only one going outside today,the other 2 kind of chickened out.

December 24th, 2008, 04:15 PM
This is how far Rocky and Chico got:laughing:and Vinnie on his way inside...not very good pics,hubby took them:laughing:

December 24th, 2008, 04:20 PM
Go Vinnie, you brave kitty :thumbs up

Good thing it wasn't blizzarding.. Vinnie would totally have been lost in the snow. Maybe you better get him one of those avalanche beacon things... so you can locate him when you can't see him :laughing:

December 24th, 2008, 04:36 PM
:laughing: You go Vinnie !

December 24th, 2008, 05:15 PM
Brave kittie! He needs a red Xmas bow!

December 24th, 2008, 05:48 PM
so brave!! :D '

December 24th, 2008, 06:34 PM
My Smitty (pure white) is the only one who wants out, too. Last night I held the door open too long for Dracko and he took off. :laughing: He never does that. When I say "take off" I just mean ran quickly out on to the deck all excited like he does in warmer weather when I let him outback with Dracko and I. Cuz it was pretty dark out I lunged to grab him. Being so white I would have needed to put on shoes and grab a flashlight to find him.

December 24th, 2008, 07:09 PM
:eek: Talk about camouflage!!! :cat: I like the red Christmas bow idea! :D

Vinnie is so brave :flirt: My hero!

December 24th, 2008, 08:28 PM
The last picture is totally cool. All yuo can see is his face!

He's a brave kitty!

December 24th, 2008, 08:41 PM
Rocky and Chico chickened out today? It was nice and warm! :eek: No storm. Little chickens!! That's ok, I still love them. :cloud9:
Vinnie is such a sweetie. :lovestruck:

December 25th, 2008, 02:54 AM
Yep, Vinnie definiely needs a bright red Xmas bow. :D

December 25th, 2008, 07:19 AM
We will have a full house today,all 3 will probably hide in the basement and after a while slowly creep up the stairs to say hi:cat::laughing:
A red bow is a great idea,I'll try:laughing:

December 25th, 2008, 11:59 AM
I think Chico would look dashing in a red bow too and Rocky needs a green one. :D

December 25th, 2008, 12:40 PM
I think Chico would look dashing in a red bow too and Rocky needs a green one. :D

... with colour co-ordinated flashing beacons on their heads! We have 2 feet of snow in our park ~ even Declan was bunny-hopping to get through it. I can only imagine what your backyard is like Chico as you get more snow than do we. Your kitties have always been so inquistitive though ~ they just have to check everything out ~ even if it's from a safe distance. :laughing:

December 25th, 2008, 01:15 PM
Watch out birdies and squirrels there is a kitty on the loose that you can't see coming. :laughing:

Brave boy, Vinnie :cloud9:

December 25th, 2008, 06:57 PM
Watch out birdies and squirrels there is a kitty on the loose that you can't see coming. :laughing:

But Vinnie and his brothers are always supervised so that would never happen. :D

December 26th, 2008, 07:26 AM
Rainbow,for sure,I would not want them to hurt any of my outside critters,anyway,they just look and pretend to be hunters:laughing:but you can never be sure...

December 26th, 2008, 07:53 AM
Snow is mostly gone from here now. Kitties should have no problem getting around outside. :thumbs up They will just get very wet feetsies. :eek:

December 26th, 2008, 03:36 PM
Your snow is almost gone? :eek: I thought you guys got a poopload. :confused:

December 26th, 2008, 03:53 PM
We still have a lot of snow on the ground,the rain yesterday melted some,but not all of it.
Today,the only one not wanting back in was Vinnie,he seems ok with the snow.
But as soon as hubby goes back inside and closes the patio-door,Vinnie comes running,as if saying"don't leave me out here alone dad":laughing:

December 26th, 2008, 03:56 PM
LOL, that's cute :D've got your boys well trained. :thumbs up

December 26th, 2008, 09:02 PM
Oh, LOL, those are such awesome pics!!! I could never get Billy to go out in the snow, so I never got the invisible kitty pics, LOL! Those are great! And LOL at the other kitties! Now that was more how Billy was! :laughing:

December 26th, 2008, 09:17 PM
We have lots of soaking wet yard and little snow. Tomorrow is supposed to be double digit temps so even more will melt. I guess we are always a little less snowy than Oakville. :shrug: There is still enough snow there for me for the rest of the year.

December 27th, 2008, 07:16 AM
I HATE rain in the winter,everything looks dirty:frustrated:
If we have to have winter,at least snow is pretty and clean,LET IT SNOW,please!
Vinnie does not mind rain or water,he'll sit there watching the bird-feeders getting soak,maybe it's something he picked up as a stray kitten:shrug:
Mind you,Chico likes to play with snowflakes and rain-drops.
Here are a couple of older pics,one playing with the rain,the other chasing snowflakes.

December 27th, 2008, 06:16 PM
Awww...snow kitties :lovestruck:

December 28th, 2008, 05:06 AM
What great pics! I like the invisible cat one and the last two. Very cute kitties. :)