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Humane society officers rescue 85 neglected dogs from Havelock house

December 18th, 2008, 10:50 AM
Here (Humane society officers rescue 85 neglected dogs from Havelock house) :sad:

Called one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the Peterborough Humane Society has seen, 85 dogs -- many just skin and bones -- were seized from a home in Havelock yesterday.

Peterborough Humane Society general manager Brad Algar said he got a call Dec. 11 from the Peterborough County-City Health Unit about unvaccinated animals living at one house in Havelock.

With a warrant in hand, Algar's team seized the dogs yesterday and brought them back to Peterborough in a rental truck where they are now being treated by a veterinarian.

Of the 85 dogs, Algar said, more than 60 were living in the owner's "very small house." The rest were outside.

The dogs were in poor condition, many of them thin and malnourished, he said.

"It was a pretty bad situation," he said. "Some of the dogs were emaciated."

Most of the seized dogs are large breeds, such as Labrador retrievers, he said. There were also about three or four puppies.

At the shelter last night the sound of dogs barking and whimpering was deafening.

"This is one of the worst cases I've seen in this area," Algar said. "We've had puppy mills before, but this isn't a puppy mill because he

wasn't selling them. He was keeping them."

Cont at the link..

Sooo sad:sad:

December 18th, 2008, 10:52 AM
Awwww how sad, I hope all the dogs make it :sad: :pray:

December 18th, 2008, 12:09 PM
How sad. Happy to hear though that the dogs are on the road to starting a new begining.


December 19th, 2008, 08:23 AM
If the sound of dogs barking at the humane society was so deafening how could this person's neighbours not have heard them and turned this person in earlier? :shrug:

December 19th, 2008, 08:54 AM
Poor babies :sad:

Animal hoarding is such a bizarre disorder. :confused: I'm glad they were found, but also wonder how this didn't draw someone's attention sooner?

:pray: for the doggies...

December 19th, 2008, 10:19 AM
May have been that this person was a loner and didn't have people visit. May not have had any neighbours per say either. Havelock is pretty rural.
Might have been a fluke that someone noticed the dogs or an unexpected visit from a relative or something like that.

So sad, I hope the majority of those dogs are able to be saved and given a second chance at life.


December 28th, 2008, 03:10 PM
Just thought I'd tell you a bit more about the Havelock (Peterborough area) "puppy mill". There were somewhere around 50 dogs living inside the house, and there was not a scrap of feces nor a drop of urine, anywhere. That was what the dogs fed themselves on.

A number of the dogs have been placed in animal shelters in southern Ontario. Several of them made their way to the Hamilton SPCA, which was already filled to capacity. There was one gorgeous golden retriever, her skin stretched tight across her ribs, her waist just a few inches in diameter and her hip bones jutting out, who still found the energy to wag her tail, and lick your hand.

A 2 year old black Lab cross (who knows with what) called Snow weighed about 15 pounds and looked like a puppy. Not house trained, and, according to the staff at the Hamilton SPCA, when we took her for a walk yesterday, it may have been the first time she'd ever been taken for a walk.

She took to it, and to us, like a duck to water. We took her home.

She curled up on my son's lap last night, and, finally warm and safe, she fought sleep...almost as if she was afraid that if she did, the dream would be over, and she'd wake up back in Havelock.

We took her to a Pet Cetera in Missisauga this morning, looking for a groomer, but theirs was not working today. They let us use their facilities, though, and although she wasn't that crazy about being washed, we eventually got the job done with help from the manager. Now she smells like a dog should! Kudos should go to the store, as they were incredibly helpful, the manager having had several "rescue dogs" of her own over the years.

Snow, now re-christened Rosie, walked out of the store with a dog coat on, which she'll need to keep out the cold until we can get some meat on her bones. She'll be getting 5 small meals a day, and we're hopefull that she'll become a medium size dog eventually. She'll always be small for a Lab, we suspect, although perhaps as she gains weight, she'll go through the equivalent of puberty. At two years of age, she looks like a puppy, and I'm wondering if she's ever gone into heat.

At the moment, my son is taking her outside for a walk (which we do every could of hours), where she gets a treat and praise if she goes "puddles". She can also have a few bites to eat of a high quality puppy food (and some shredded cheese!).

Anyway, if you're looking for a dog, there are some incredible animals that have come from that Hell in Havelock, and with a little bit of love in the last 24 hours, we can tell that Rosie will be a wonderful pet. I think we're very lucky to have each other.

Oh, and that golden retriever? The last we saw of her was when we were in our van, in the parking lot of the Hamilton SPCA. A family had her on a leash and were taking her for possibly her first walk, too. Her tail was wagging, and the family were all smiles. It looked like her nightmare was about to end, too.

December 28th, 2008, 03:25 PM
Out of the evil some good will come.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. How heartwarming. I am sure you will have a faithful loving wonderful furever pup on your hands. Rosie is striking. :cloud9:

December 28th, 2008, 03:46 PM
Roger,I agree with 14+,thank you for taking Rosie in to your home,she must think she's in heaven.
Hopefully most of those poor dogs will have a chance at a good life:pray:
It seems there is no end to horror-stories,what's wrong with people,have they no heart:shrug:
Hoarding is supposed to be a compulsive disorder,but unfortunately it is the animals that suffer the most.:sad:

December 28th, 2008, 06:45 PM
Hi: I found this site after doing some research on the Haverstock dogs. Our family adopted one of the little ones from the Hamilton Humane Society. it's been a real adventure since. First off, She is a real sweetheart. Quite submissive to our 10 year old golden/collie cross.
However, she certainly has her problems from being in the home. She is not house trained at all. Add to that, she developed diarrhea the first day. So between cleaning up diarrhea and dealing with her separation anxiety, it was real fun. Today her stools are better and she is getting along with her doggy friend pretty good. Once we get her housetrained she has the potential to be a very good dog. She is cute as a button. Impossible to pin down her origins. Although there was a lot of talk about labs, I find it hard to believe she has much lab in her. She is supposed to be about 8 months and she is the size of a fox or small coyote. Her fur is really weird. it has some wire-haired ..... aspect to it. She is tan colour with an underlying black coat..... little eyes and a terrier-like skull. She weighs in at about 20-30 pounds. I hope she stays that size....

December 28th, 2008, 09:07 PM
What a doll she is. Does it matter what breed? To me she is just sweet!! Thank you for adopting her! She will quite obviously have many issues relating to her horrible situation. But she is in a loving home now. I am sure with your love and attention she will be the absolute best pup you have ever had!! :thankyou:!

December 29th, 2008, 06:07 AM
So many threads lately with sad endings. It's really cool to see one go the other way. Roger and subie, it's wonderful for yall to open up your homes and lives to take those dogs in. :fingerscr for the rest.

December 29th, 2008, 07:33 AM
Subie,She looks really sweet,no matter what breedX she is:lovestruck:
I am certain,with love,proper food and gentle training,she will be a very grateful happy pup.
Thank you for rescuing:thumbs up

December 30th, 2008, 12:05 AM
Thanks, She is certainly a sweet little girl. Just an update: She is catching on to the house training. She watches my GoldenX and I think she is picking up the whole bathroom-outside-rather-than-on-the-rug concept, although she did have 2 accidents today. She is pooping outside which is good and for the most part peeing outside too.
She seems to be super smart too. Picked up the sit command in about 3 minutes. wow......
She has spent her first two days chasing leaves that are blowing in all this wind.
She spent last night in her crate and after about an hour of crying slept through the night.....
No more diarrea and she will be starting on her all-out RAW diet on Wednesday.... (looking forward to the smaller poops that come with the raw diet. Our Golden is three times her size but her poops are half the size).
Thanks again for your support and if you don't mind I will try to keep you updated

December 30th, 2008, 08:01 AM
"mind you updating"??? heck we insist on it! what a sweetie both those dogs are and we look forward to hearing more about them

December 30th, 2008, 08:26 AM
This is so wonderful..I read in our local paper today that there is 1 lonely doggie left out of the 15 Hamilton took in from this seizure! I bet he gets adopted from someone soon!

May I say THANK YOU to all of you that took a chance on one of these dogs! You will be repaid ten fold I am sure of that! :thumbs up


December 30th, 2008, 09:51 AM
Ok you may be sorry. :laughing:Holly got to wear her gentle leader today just like her big "sister" mackie. She thought she was pretty good with it on. Walked proud with her head up for the entire walk. She is picking up walking on a leash incredibly fast. She has the sit command down pat and mackie (my other dog pictured below) are working with her on shake a paw. Two small accidents yesterday but went through a second night in the crate without any accidents.
here is a picture of her after a long walk with Mackie...:thumbs up

December 30th, 2008, 10:01 AM
Holly is a real cutie :lovestruck: Mackie is looking at her quite bewildered, they make a sweet pair. She must think she is in heaven after what she has been through.

Kudos to the Hamilton spca they are really successful in their adoption rate, other spca's are starting to follow their policies.

December 30th, 2008, 10:17 AM
awwwwwwwwwwwwww what a sweet picture!!!!

December 30th, 2008, 05:38 PM
Well I've been thinking of doing a blog on my adventures with Holly. So here are the beginnings. If you want to follow her progress

December 31st, 2008, 06:39 AM
Subie,what a nice story,I think Holly was a very lucky dog on that rainy day:thumbs upit was meant to be:dog:

January 10th, 2009, 09:34 PM
I, as well have brought home one of the dogs from this seizure. There were five of the dogs taken to the Lanark county SPCA in Smith Falls. They now have only one left. I am looking forward to seeing Ashleigh become the dog that she can be with all the love and attention that my family will give her. I have a number of toys but of course she has no idea of what to do with them. I am sure that none of these dogs ever had any to play with before.

January 19th, 2009, 04:21 PM
Hi, I have just read your post on the 85 dogs that were found in dreadful conditions. I live in the uk and the town i am from there are quite alot of animal cruelty cases but unfortunately most of them go un-heard unless it's been a really really bad case. I cannot even watch on the news if it involves an animal being hurt or read a newspaper and i personally think that these heartless pieces of trash don't deserve a place in this world. All an animal wants is love and to be treat with dignity and nothing else and i think if we as humans cannot do that then we should be totally ashamed of ourselves. My husband and i had a female iguana called spot and she died from a phantom pregnancy so we decide to go to the rescue sanctuary where we live as it is illegal to sell them where i live, the iguana we chose was called stumpy by the sanctuary's owners and they couldn't believe that we wanted him cause no ine else would buy him because of his injuries, something(i can't even call them a person) decided that they didn't want him anymore so they just threw him out onto the streets, he had half his nose chopped off, two of his front fingers chopped off, some of his tail chopped off and his whole body was burned.When we got him we were warned because of his past he was very very aggresive, but within a week or so he warmed to us alot and now you can pick him up, stroke him and talk to him. He is so spoilt, he has to have strawberrys everyday but he is lush and did not deserve what he went through. I know they say that an animal never forgets it's suffering but i really do hope our stumps(his nickname) has forgotten through all the love and attention we have and continue to give him and all our babies. In memory of my little girl cassyhoof who passed on 15th jan 09 aged 161/2 years, one animal i will never ever forget or stop loving xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

January 19th, 2009, 04:30 PM
Cassyhoof,I actually love Iguanas,wish I could have one.
We saw many on our trips to Mexico and Cuba.
There was one who a batender in Mexico had caught,he had a rope around his neck,showing him off to everyone,the animal was clearly distressed.
At night-time he tied him up by a tree:sad:
I told hubby we will go down and free him,so we went,scissors in hand and cut him lose,boy can they run!!and I think I heard him say thank you:laughing:

January 19th, 2009, 04:55 PM
Well done to you for letting that poor distressed iguana free to life it's life the way it should be, people don't realise that animals are not for shows or to make money from. People like that personally disgust me, but you and your hubby on the other hand make me proud to be an animal lover through and through. xx:laughing:

January 20th, 2009, 08:42 AM
cassyhoof,yes,it does not really matter what kind of animal it is,the suffering is the same.
I would never hesitate to do what I can to undo the damage done by heartless humans,to any animal.
Thank you for giving your Iguana a chance at a good life:thumbs upalthough I would love to see all wild animals free,it's too late for some.

April 3rd, 2012, 01:39 PM
I am hoping the owner of Rosie is still on this forum. I was researching the Havelock dog rescue and saw the photo of Rosie. I believe that Rosie is one of the puppies of my dog Willow who I rescued a few years ago and was one of the dogs from the Havelock rescue. When I took her in they said she had multiple litters and all of her puppies (old and young) were adopted out before I got her. Most of her older puppies were said to be split up from her and went to various shelters and she went to the Oakville Humane Society with her youngest litter.

April 15th, 2012, 11:19 AM
You guys rock thanks for opening your homes to these cuties. They will in time show you how much they appreciate the loving and safe homes they have now. They must think they are dreaming. Luckily its not a dream.