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Ferrets as pets

December 16th, 2008, 06:49 PM
Our ferret--Meeko--is probably one of the best pets that I have ever had. My boyfriend got him for me last year on my birthday. He was very young and very tiny. We gave him lots of attention and free reign of the house from day one. He only goes into his cage to sleep at night. He is litter box trained and does not really know that he is not a human. He has brought us many amusing moments. I do not believe that people realize the pet potential that ferrets have. He is incredibly affectionate and has the most interesting behaviours. He also has a leash and a harness and loves to go to the park in the warm weather. I highly recommend a ferret to anyone who wants a fun, affectionate low maintenance pet. If you give them lots of attention and do not just cage them, they can become a wonderful addition to your household. The only problem is that they sleep about 16 hours a day--but when they play they are hilarious!

December 16th, 2008, 07:17 PM
Ferrets are fantastic pets! I have had two and they were really great and super fun!
One thing people do need to do (as they should before adopting/rescuing any pet) is Research! Research! Research! Ferrets are not low maintenance like a hamster or guinea pig. They have very very practicular diet needs- high quality kibble or preferably raw meat diet. They also need yearly vaccinations for distemper and rabies. Ferrets are also prone to many diseases, I lost both mine to disease. The most common are adrenal disease, insulinomas, and aleutian disease (ADV) so make sure you start a "piggy bank", I used to put 20$ per pay in the fund knowing one day I would need to invest in vet care for my fuzzbutts.

If anyone is considering a ferret, there are many many rescues that take in unwanted ferrets looking for new homes so please consider adoption or rescue before buying from a Pet Store! Also Ferrets are not permitted as pets in certain areas, to ensure you check bylaws.

December 17th, 2008, 10:23 AM
they are wonderful pets, but please note also that they are not pets for young children, like chinchilla's they have a very fragile rib cage and excessive squeezing can crush it, I am not allowed to have them as pets because I'm a city daycare and they are on the "no no" list as they will bite/nibble little fingers if they smell food. A friend has 7 of them and we love going over to watch them, she's brought a couple at a time over to play with Brina and she enjoys their antics also